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seasonal greetings to teh Zinga
bit blowy outside hey schun?

glad to see you in our diocese . Alc Falcon Barneyb
Author: Blue - Replies: 33 - Views: 1872
the word "TEH" is banned from this board
i shall moderate the future use of said word....

it sucks!!
Author: apachekilla - Replies: 23 - Views: 1737
Important messige for da DOA ppl on teh streetbeatz...
I iz well bored....

[Image: http://www.winternett.com/o2/bottletrap.jpg]
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ZEBRA mac au!! teh dopeness!
ive been working for Ur's on sounds and finally got some nice ones that i think will make it into the full release.
basically this plug in is the most interactive soundscape/stab/pad instrument ive ever played with! it's teh dopeness... it has 4 xy plane controllers that can assign almost 130 different parameters. Icon_eek
i honestly think it kicks absynth all over the playground during lunch, then meets him at the flagpole after school and knocks the tar outta him.... Ur's has got some of th
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i tend to stop listening to tunes on the net once ive ordered them, so i can properly enjoy the moment when the vinyl is finally in my hands.

so, i received the digital/version bassbin-release from redeye today, with nothing more than the distant memory of going apeshit over the get away-intro on some old f&n mix.

this whole relase fucking blew me away!!! both sides are simply marvellous drumnbass-music. digital with another specimen of his sublimest dubjungle and that all-conquering cali
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Teh cholesterol thread
What have you had deep fried?

we were just disscussing battered burgers i remember having these when i was younger they were so good yet so dirty

i have tried abattered mars bar, thats was nasty,

What have you tried and what did you think of it
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Just found out about these free Rhodes samples, so I thought I'd start a thread to discuss that instrument I/everyone just can't stop using, the Fender Rhodes.

And, of course, the skerbillions of things that try to bring a real rhodes to your PC.

Has to be said I am going off LL a bit...... I find I am using it just a a sort of synth-base for mangling rather than just for pure Rhodes tones.

Errr, discuss. Teef
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Outrage - Rebel - Metalheadz iz teh bizzzznizzz

Real Audio

damm this is goooood
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Opinion from teh geeks
Ok so I have a notebook and I'm gonna sell the mofo because I never take it from home.
Also my TV is fucked up and I have only one DVD that are from my parents.

With all this conjunction of Info's I have two options:

buy a cool PC and a 21" flat panel TV + DVD

OR and this is my favourite...
Buy a smokin PC with DVD Burner, Huge Video Card All-In-Wonder ATI with TV Tuner, Video In/OUT, Remote Control, and a 19" LCD (wich is equal to a 21" CRT) and use it as my TV+DVD also.

What do y
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teh hoff is needed

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