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Do You think that the big boys are ignorant bigots?

for me most of them are like cartoon characters rather than ignorant bigots, but after making dnb for god knows how many years and have built up some kind of a market we still consistently get no support from any of the "boys".

what are they scared of?

is our music just shit?

why have they become so narrow minded or have they been that way all along?

where they ever cutting edge at all or just right place in the right time type of people?

where do you think that they can
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Who's that with the Menace t-shirt?
Big up the Transsexual Menace - Great British Chapter massive!

Author: strike - Replies: 32 - Views: 3767
that tune that makes your spine chill.
at the moment there is one paticular tune that makes me feel almost sick, but in a rushy / euphoric type way.

Ultra Violet - The Belonging

Unbebloodyleivable !!!!!!!!

name yers..............
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Words That Wound
I was watching a documentary a couple of days ago called 'Young, Nazi and Proud' which over the course of 18 months followed the story of the leader of its youth wing, (the Young British National Party). After watching it I began to weigh up the pros & cons of giving such people a voice.
Since hate literature is a hard case for supporters of liberal democratic theory, (it exposes a conflict between the two values - liberty and equality - which are most central to their political morality), the
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Anyone see that pregramme on womens arse cheeks last night??
i thought it was racist to the hilt in places and made me most angry.........

".........everyone wants to be black. Black is cool............."

i find this sort of statement most aggravating...........
Author: Altered Ego - Replies: 4 - Views: 421
Damn that hurts ............
Author: Blue - Replies: 3 - Views: 399
anyone else here got this latest virus thing that.....?
makes you feel like you have an alien in your guts........

jesus man, it sucks........
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I have it from a good source that the next kiddy fiddler is
God I hope it's true.
According to the Evening Standard, there are DOZENS of celebrities under investigation by the police.

My guesses:
Jimmy Saville.
Noel Edmonds.
Mike Reed (DJ)
Mike Rutherford.
Tony Banks.
Paul Daniels.
Dave Hill.
Dave Lee Travis.
Dale Winton.
Simon Bates.
Robbie Williams.
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Bands that you've never seen live and that makes you an ass?
until last year Oops FUGAZI...i even lied to everyone i know about it for years!!!saw 'em 3 times last year to make up for it tho.

MINISTRY Oops Oops Oops Oops solved soon.I was always so skint and living in Wales i missed out.

REVCO.......missed 'em with Godflesh...>EEKKKK

DRIVE LIKE JEHU.....what the fuck can i say man? My Ex never told me about it because she was pissed with me.........jesus.

NEUBAUTEN.......i keep putting it off like all those Kinskai films i
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Records in your collection that are kinda embarrassing?
Come on let's ave em'
Bring out the SHITE.

Maybe you love it but everyone else takes the piss, or records that are just plain shameful.

My records include:
Barbara Streisand: Best of. (Got it for "the way we were")
Bette Middler: Best of. (Can't remember why I have this)
Barry Manilow: Manilow Magic. (Only got it at Christmas!)
Chris Rea: The Road to Hell. (I was young!)
The Eagles: Best of. (Passed down to me from my dad, he didn't like it either)

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