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area 51- live via google satellite
Author: isa215 - Replies: 11 - Views: 1507
Mona Lisa - Audio processing via GPU - beta available now!

no idea if it works yet - probably not. looks like archive might be corrupt anyway!

mac only...sorry Smile
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anyone know how to get hold of droid via le telefon?
if so, could you get him to check his PMs / email asap ?

ta !
Author: INITIAL - Replies: 4 - Views: 220
using sc via you pda
its actually not that bad!

Wave by the way.
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USB vs. FireWire via Expresscard
Anybody here with some experience considering these two connections?
As I am still looking for a external soundcard that fits my needs, I was wondering if there is any noticeable difference between an USB-connected
card and a card connected via Firewire using an expansion ExpressCard (because my lappy doesn't have any firewire ports ;( )

Is there any difference in terms of latency or also risk of interferences/gnd-loops/etc. ?
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short circuit - control zone start/end via midi controller?
Is it possible to control the zone start and end points of a sample
via a midi controller?

I've tried routing the 'loop start' and 'loop end' to midi but it doesn't work...?

The reason i want to do it is it would be cool to scroll through the sample with two dials on my akai controller whilst hitting the pads meaning no need to look at the screen as much.

Bit sick of looking at the screen at the mo and want to just hit the pads and jam some beats out

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The Black Dog - Drifting - Ambient DJ Set & Sheffield vs Downwards via Ealing Mix
The Black Dog - Drifting Ambient Mix May 2010

01. Hands Swollen With Grace - Dakota Suite
02. Music for Falling from Trees, Pt. 4_ The Dream - Peter Broderick
03. Business Car Park 5 - The Black Dog
04. Flutful - Cluster
05. Unprepared Piano - Coil
06. Palimpsest I - Tim Hecker
07. Piano Aquieu - Stars Of The Lid
08. FallingStars - Variant
09. Glass Ceiling - Fennesz
10. Maalstroom - Matthew Florian
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chancha via circuito (Cumbia Electrónica)
01 Chancha Vía Circuito feat. Miriam García "Coplita" (ZZK)
02 Miriam García & Alicia Solans "Pintar El Sol (Chancha Vía Circuito Remix)" (ZZK)
03 Villa Diamante "Doña María vs. Italtek" (ZZK)
04 José Larralde "Quimey Neuquén (Chancha Vía Circuito Remix)" (Sony/ZZK)
05 Tremor "Caracol (Chancha Vía Circuito feat. Wenceslada Remix)" (ZZK)
06 William Centellas vs. Chancha Vía Circuito "Los Pastores" (ZZK)
07 Black Mandingo "Cumbia Maxonica Rebajada" (ZZK)
08 Chancha Vía Circu

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