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magic vinyl news!
the magic vinyl all stars host weekly shows on http://www.phuturefreq.com monday nights from 7 to 12 uk time and on http://www.dnbradio.net saturdays from 3 to 5 pm uk time! on rotation u will find artits as smoking monkey.yen-cee,djmangle.dj cut,dj kontact(uk),dj Q(usa),geridoo(didgeridoo player), mc critiszah&spin out as regualr guests we have dj pattrick,dj freeman and numerous mcs! check it out!

on releases mv004 is out now drop bass come on/2 the hip hop in december mv005 native
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giana brotherz croosedroots magic vinyl crew remix! tune ins
heres the remix we entered the competition with!

have fun!
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magic vinyl all stars on phuturefreq.com 7 to 12 uk time
tonight on http://www.phuturefreq.com the mahic vinyl all stars will broadcast from 7 to 12 uk time..... from 5 to 7 uk time streetbeats are running their show! on the magic vinyl show we haave following line up!

7 to 9 smoking monkey
9 to 11 yen-cee (jungle set)
11 to 12 dj Q (usa)

join the chat for shouts!
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rush vinyl
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magic vinyl all stars on phuturefreq.com 7 to 9 uk time
yo the mv show has ben cut down to 2 hours! so from now on we will braodcast each and every monday on http://www.phuturefreq.com from 7 to 9 uk time!

today im gonna play another set of unreleased bits and introduce 4 brand new tunes which like :

cytech fourstep

mv all stars play back
mv all stars untitled
mv all stars decide if its dark

i got new ice minus bits,burner bros, pish posh and evol intent !

get ready for another massive show!

tune in and join the chat:
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pish posh&chris young the angels cry magic vinyl 005 pre
after a slight change on our release schedule we will have illskillz war is over remix backed up with the angels cry from pish posh and chris young!

have fun
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magic vinyl show 7 to 9!!!!
ill be rinsing on http://www.phuturefreq.com 7 to 9 uk time!

ill be playing new tunes from nuendo, gain recs, outbreak, drop bass, sic soundz, pish posh and many many more!

join the chat for shouts!

Slayer Slayer Slayer
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b rok recess magic vinyl dub clip inside
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Wha' appen?? Is it dead?
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Expensive Vinyl
So what's the most money you've ever spent on a single record that you've been searching a long time for .

I spent £30 (I think) for Babylon by Splash, but it was worth it.

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