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The New War Against Terror - Noam Chomsky

Noam says..

Everyone knows it's the TV people who run the world [crowd laugher]. I just got orders that I'm supposed to be here, not there. Well the last talk I gave at this forum was on a light pleasant topic. It was about how humans are an endangered species and given the nature of their institutions they are likely to destroy themselves in a fairly short time. So this time there is a little relief and we have a pleasant topic instead, the new war on terror. Unfortunatel
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somehow, following links from the bbc i found myself reading parameter magazine, an american military journal with an influential readership...

i found an interesting story, regarding the future uses of large national armies in a world where the national enemies aren't nation states. its all over the news about how various countries have been forced to front up to the realities of the world they have created. and that armies can no longer be maintained as the massive confrontational forces th
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Stop the War Coalition...
is the national coaltion for organisations and individuals organising to stop the war. (guess where)

listed under the stwc directory of anti-war groups:

information war network

information war is an organisation dedicated to battling with the international militarists in the field of information. to this end we monitor the news and broadcast tv, audio and text via the web to counter the propaganda of the mil
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Gulf War II - Clone of the Attacks
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Prepare for War

What moves U.S. policy toward Iraq in 2002 is the same objective that motivated Washington and Wall Street 80 years ago: oil.

Long before the 9-11 attack, the United States had decided to invade Afghanistan in the interest of oil. In February 1998, at the hearing before a subgroup of the Committee on International Relations, Congress discussed ways to deal with Afghanistan to make way for an oil pipeline.

Jane's Defence Ne
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Anti War Movement Builds

Anti-War Movement Builds: Democracy, Anti-Racism, Mass and Direct Actions Key to Effective Movement

by David McNally and Jerome Klassen; December, 2002

With huge demonstrations reminiscent of Vietnam-era protests, the movement against war on Iraq is starting to make its mark. In late October, over 100,000 people marched in Washington, D. C. in an action larger than any that occurred during the 1991 military assau
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San Francisco Anti-War Breakaway March on Jan. 18th
I posted this on another site but wanted to post it here too! Smile

I saw this story on another message board and thought I'd post it here because it started some interesting conversation. This is taken from the indymedia.org website. If you check the responses to this report on the indymedia site people also bring up a lot of valid issues. Does vandalism undermine the efforts made by peaceful non-violent protesters because the media will link the two groups, or is it a definite political messa
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Harold Pinter poem on war in Iraq
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Thats IT!!!!! IT's God Damn War
Whilst global conflicts continue to occur, warfare on a street level has escalated to a all time high.

Im talkin about spending a whole evening postering the reading area , only to find that some fuck-knocker is ripping them down.....



The person/persons responsible for this blatent vandalism probably dont read this board, but i just had to type it.

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European Support for War Increases :(

Big up Germany and France for standing tall....

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