So subverts what have you been reading recently?

David Melzer- when i was a poet

Ive been reading a lot of time theory, philosophy and whatnot. Implication, raw data, data entry, assemblage anxiety, paradoxical fantasias, you know...a ton of bollocks very few people understand. 
Of course, i don't expect em to understand...I'm hardly Mr. Oxford Don by John Agard either.

In radio, I've been reading Drone Zone like a triptych of the ASIP, Low Point and Kranky labels, fed into a monopoly radio station.
Best of all is being able to ask "Alexa, play Drone Zone"... and yes i love you very much

i am currently reading : The Art of Invisibility by Kevin Mitnick.

Matthew Todd - Straight Jacket: Overcoming Society's Legacy of Gay Shame


Dune: House Atreides. It's a prelude to Dune and enjoyable.

Just finished Tracey Thorn's Bedsit Disco Queen. Entertaining stuff. And inadvertently interesting (to me) that the music she particularly liked way back when was the music I particularly loathed...

Vic Godard's lounge version of Subway Sect.
Scritti Politti, after Green had kicked out the rest of the band.
Paul Weller, post The Jam
The fucking Smiths.

I still hate every one of those.


Anyone who genuinely hates someone personally needs to grow up and get over it. I don't mean you btw.

Me...I'm starting a crime thriller by Lee Child - 61 Hours. It's a Just Fiction Edition publisher book, in the multiple authors royalty deal I accepted themed on my obitu pbk.

I've also got Angels And Demons by Dan Brown next to the bed for when I feel better. The film was a good one.

Other wise...I'd be a dud for solitary confinement, I prefer solitude but need a daily walk at least, like a proper mutt.

T. Pratchett, N. Gaiman - Good Omens

A. Spiegelman - Maus
Seems kind of relevant at the moment.

just finished rereading Robert Westall - The Scarecrows

a dark dark book - all about hate and anger and bitterness

Darkside Darkside Darkside

Philip K. Dick - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

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