SCI / TECH nuclear fusion

any chance of this succeeding? Smile

not quite specific whether cold or hot fusion like this :

i hope it does work because its now or never
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Statto Wrote:,00.html

any chance of this succeeding? Smile

Deffinately possible given enough funding, and a large enough reactor, I doubt this proposed reactor will be anywhere near the size necessary.

See my earlier thread on this:

cold fusion is definatly in the relms of scifi, there is no theorecical basis for this, your talking about a massive releas of energy which will enevatably be electromagnetic radiation (heat n light in laymans turms)

fussion however is very viable, much more reserch has to be doen but the jet (Joint European Torus) fusion chamber has been around for a while, the bigest problem they face is sustaining it and captureing the energy

for moer info go to

they're still trying...


a more sceptical viewpoint...

Statto dear friend can you summarise this thread's current deal in a sentence? I'll read links later. Ta.

Right i looked at link one mate.
What "fusion" occurs elementally when mixing hydrochloric acid with oxygen?
Surely this would be explained by osmosis?

My point is simple. Cohabitation under the banner of using hydrogen as a water source, seems simple also to educated scientists who know about nuclear energy types.
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Not really news as ITER has been planned for decades. In the 90s, when I was following a course in this field they were already talking about it. According to wikipedia it's actually a project that started in 1985.

Safe to say it will take another decade (or two or three) before we have any idea if this is going to work commercially.

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