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Some of my productions, all relatively new with a couple older ones thrown in.

Diamond Eye - Nightshade (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Ambient Thing (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Deep Love (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Angel Queen (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Lunar (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Last Exile (Unsigned)
Diamond Eye - HK (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Lost in Time (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Detached (Parallel VIP Remix)
Diamond Eye - Staring out my window (Dave Owen Remix)
Diamond Eye - Unreal Shape (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Journey (unsigned) (2007)
Diamond Eye - Degrees (Unsigned) ( 2008 )
Diamond Eye - Cut Out (Unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Glacier (Unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Medieval Hour (Unsigned)
Diamond Eye - So What (Unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Weep (Unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Spiritual (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Pixelated (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Sit Back (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Tattoo (Unsigned)
Diamond Eye & DJ Spindall - Recollections (Unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Valley Side
Diamond Eye - Two Spaces (Unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Quiet Moment (Unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Global City (Unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Fields (Unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Still There (Unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Spherical Aura (Dub Mix) (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - That Groove (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Tell you something (unsigned) ( 2008 )
-- Slower Tempo Selection --
Diamond Eye - Elements (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Awakening (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Funny People (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - Secluded Response (unsigned)
Diamond Eye - End of it all (unsigned)

A lot but hope you enjoy - I was going to post this in the mixing pot but the pot looked empty so i'll post here as there's more users looking here.


Prolific aint the word mate!

grabbing now, will have a good listen while driving up north in a bit Xyxthumbs

ps hello, btw! Hahaha i'm maff

Hey maff!

Hope it helps the driving - Im quite new to the scene, sort of but i thought id showcase my efforts on the big people's forum.

Big up!

will be checking this one oot

Safe J.Digital!


on the DL!

hi mate....

Not had chance to listen yet (ended up getting a lift to leeds, so sitting next to someone all the way there with headphones in might have looked a bit rude Hahaha)

Def will check tonight Xyxthumbs

That's a lot of tunes!

I didn't see this before, will definitely be checking this out Grin

Hi all

Thanks for checking this out - I hope its to your liking Grin

Big ups

didn't get chance to check this after, and only just remembered. turns out it only half dl'd for some reason too, so grabbing again....

sorry mate, i'm just a bloody professional Hahaha

No worries bruv it is huge. I think if they'll ever be a second one i wont be doing soo many tracks but i got carried away.

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