SubVersion Recommends: Simon Scott - Spring 2011 Mix

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Slowdive's original drummer and Brian Eno collaborator, Simon Scott, joins Sonic Pieces' Greg Haines and Nils Frahm, as the third contributor in the exclusive SubVersion Recommends series. Scott: "59.5 mins of electroacoustic stuff for you to digest", including "Caxton Gibbet", an offline installation piece. "I also added a recent live recording to bring in a contemporary angle as a lot of this is vintage electronic music (Stockhausen, Bayle, Radigue, Wishart etc). I want the mix to represent influences of mine that have helped inspire my music and live performance. Hopefully someone somewhere will discover a new music treat if they listen to this mix."

01. Anthony Moore - Mu Na H-Uile Ni A Shaoileas
02. Christian Marclay - Guitar Drag
03. Eliane Radigue - Jetsun Mila (disc 2- edit A)
04. Francoise Bayle -Toupie Dans Le Ciel 4
05. Stockhausen - Mikrophonie 1 (excerpt 1)
06. Simon Scott - Caxton Gibbet (installation piece)
07. Trevor Wishart- Blue Tulips
08. R. Murray Schafer - The Vancouver Soundscape
09. Stockhausen - Mikrophonie 1 (excerpt 2)
10. Simon Scott - Live at Bristol Arnolfini 27th May 2011
11. Eliane Radigue - Jetsun Mila (disc 2- edit B)

Download at SubVersion:

Any feedback much appreciated. Smile


Muttley Wrote:vintage electronic music (Stockhausen, Bayle, Radigue, Wishart etc)


Truly a fine mix by Simon Cool

what is wrong with you people? do you want moules marinere? is it not your best mates music making the headlines so you can't even be bothered to explore or even comment? jesus Christ.

it's depressing. years ago i'd see all kinds of subverts commenting on stuff - the regular 'clique', randoms, new arrivals. now people are so fucking insular they may as well be feasting on the bacteria from their own anus.

there are hardly any subverts left to comment (or not comment) on anything


yeah I know : pipkin : it's just sad sometimes. then I just laugh. showing my 29 years there. a decade of serious illness, for everyone even. I just wish, to quote Richard Richard, that "our life had been...completely different". nobody communicates anymore. ships in the night, ships in the night. it is good to be open about opinions, not shut off. shutting off shows a lack of character, courage and personality. all the subverts who post have these qualities...or who posted in the past. constantly at battle with the future past.

" aggravating".

(1st May 2017, 16:22)Muttley Wrote: it's depressing. years ago i'd see all kinds of subverts commenting on stuff - the regular 'clique', randoms, new arrivals. now people are so fucking insular

Well, many have given up on music, and those who still do are mostly Zuckerberg Drones these days.

But then, I can't help it but think, if it's too much hassle for those folx to start the browsers on their laptops and surf to SC while they are logged in to some "social" media site on their smart phone 24-7 it's possibly better they stay away anyways. Neutral

At the same time I have to admit I am not too motivated these days to post stuff myself.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

my 10-years-younger self is saying, "get out more, bud".

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