Lawrence English - A Young Person's Guide To Hustling In Music And The Arts

Heartily recommended to anyone with a passing interest in natural sustainability and creation processes:

Lawrence English on Fluid Wrote:The title A Young Person’s Guide To Hustling In Music And The Arts is a homage to the inspiring introductory book and record series of the same name that summarise a body of work in one short, sharp burst. Some readers might perceive a touch of cynicism in the choice of the term ‘hustling’, but as a freelancer it’s probably one of the most apt verbs for how the process of realising projects can appear at times.

Rather than the more negative associations attached to the word, I’d like to think of hustling referring to the determination and the willingness to do what it takes to get a project off the ground. There are no set rules in this game, no ‘how to’ manual or university course you can take to get a grip on it all. It’s free-form, irrational and chaotic – a beautiful chance for creative individuals to do the best they can to realise their work and the work of those they support.



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An 18 months on bump Wave

"Honestly, I have never been as concerned with politics as I am now. And by politics I don’t just mean the ideas of state politics, but more over questions of ideology, personal political actions and most things in and outside of that orbit. We are not necessarily any more political than we were say 10 years ago, but what we are is able to action some value choices differently. That comes into how we buy, what we read or choose to access, how we support one another, how we seek to render apathy extinct. Ironically I don’t necessarily want to take up all my time with these concerns, but right now I feel it’s a must-do. We see incredible human rights shortcomings in our country with our indigenous peoples and also with refugees. We also see unethical live export of animals, short sighted environmental policy and generally an expression of hollow ideology that really is text book in it’s cheapness.

I respect politicians and those active in the political arena who can reconcile the concerns of constituents, alongside a longer term view and at the same time represent a strong and informed personal ethics. This is something almost entirely missing here [in Australia] and in a great many countries now. I find elements of Henry Thoreau’s essay on civil disobedience timely I must confess, but perhaps not for the reasons he initially intended.
In terms of music making, it’s something I enjoy deeply. I think there is a profundity to sound that makes it one of the most powerful and under-utilised senses. It’s this promise of possibility that I find so seductive and compelling about working with it."

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