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asides from 101 & a couple remixes in random mixes kickin about over the past couple years, i haven't heard any of the more recent "meh" Photek tunes posted in this thread on their own. from the sounds of most of it, im not missing out on much.

collectively, it all sounds like a progressive house release, lots of ideas put forth, and the cohesion being that there's too much goin on imo. which can be one of the downsides of progressive house releases and such. its like, NOW, peeps have brostep breakdowns and shit LFO dirge in trance tracks etc, so it all sounds like a mess production wise, but.. people still buy it. and people do like it. there's just no identity to it.

no matter who produces it, in 2013 dubstep structures are pretty uninspiring to my ears. its like pop music now, barely any identity to differentiate specific influences from any other random producer. including Photek. "meh". its says nothing to me.

dubstep is the new progressive house.


over the years, i like that Photek takes chances, and that's why dude is that dude, & i have been a fan of most things he's done outside of the classic era, but there's a point where it comes across as wallpaper. and i guess that's why we all stop taking notice of stuff we onced listen to, right?

Solaris was amazing. and there's peeps who STILL haven't forgiven it. take it all as it comes. "Mine to Give" is still a brilliant tune in my ears Smile I like how Synkro & Indigo drop random Solaris era Photek tunes in some of their more recent podcasts over the past year. i recall Loxy dropping a 4/4 Photek tune in a past CX: Tech mix a while back. I enjoy those moments.

No matter our feelings on shit, there ARE new generations of kids who might be hearing new Photek tunes in a Steve Aoki set or something (lol), @ some mass Bacardi party and maybe they're stoked on it all.

Let the kids dance.


new photek isn't as good as mid 90's happy hardcore I would say
beats are there to be broken

noisemonkey Wrote:new photek isn't as good as mid 90's happy hardcore I would say

fair assessment Xyxthumbs

.. granted Solaris could easily be considered a progressive house lp.

i'm not referring to the term as a bad thing tho, but often progressive house has always been where things become really vague in appeal.. like "electronica". or.. edm now huh? non specific vague marketing terms. kids will dance to anything tho.


I liked this when it first came out. Photek, takin chances. i was down. i don't listen to Pendulum, ever, but.. i dont' mind this. I assume some of Pendulum stuff might compare, no?


oh shit, or maybe kids discover Photek as bass music now?

Bass Music Vol. 24 compilations. lol. ya never know.

You lot are so mean to Photek!

Have you seen the FACT mag video of him? Comes across as a decent fella Smile
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Ornette Wrote:You lot are so mean to Photek!

only mean about his music Wink

Ornette Wrote:You lot are so mean to Photek!

Have you seen the FACT mag video of him? Comes across as a decent fella Smile

that's as maybe and yeah in interviews he's got some interesting opinions it's just his music these days isn't hitting the spot for me vibe-wise.
beats are there to be broken

doc scott must be having a boring thursday

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i've never heard that industry of noise tune... what utter shit.



So I dont like his modern stuff much either. I didn't like his Modus Operandi period really. But there you go
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247 Wrote:I am really looking forward to his new album - I think he is a consistently good music maker Smile

Would that have been Ku:Palm? I just picked that up for a fiver in RedEye bargains. The last three tracks are just appalling, but the rest of it is quite good in a technoey kind of way Smile

Just because there really should be a SC Photek subforum just for all the Photek related threads & discussion.


what a tune


^^ would y'all say thats the greatest Photek tune ever?

i'm kinda on that wave about now. lots to say about it.



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(24th April 2020, 16:01)Muttley Wrote: It's because subverts are hipsters.

no, they aren't
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The rreal good shit by Rupert Parks* was always the bootleg and Special Forces stuff.

vs. Sade - Ni Ten Taboo
Babylon VIP
with Fabio - No Joke

...of the 2000s anyways.

Baltimore, Ready She Ready remix and all other Tekbdz dreadfulness is Rupert'ss attempt at being Dillinja / / / / 

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