buying one record reviewed in The Wire each month

#435 shortlist:

GRID - Decomposing Force (NNA Tapes)

Kaffe Matthews - Foreigner (Objects Limited)

The Necks - Three (Northern Spy / ReR Megacorp)

Techmarine Bottom Feeders - Boanerges & the Watery Deep (EPM)

Witch ’n’ Monk - Witch ’n’ Monk (Tzadik)


All good records from memory of electron simulation. Titling from Germanic as "Coffee Matthews" is raher novel. Like metadata itself in italicised posts on internet message boards.

Me? I'm grindin' some good grooves from a multi player Horizons Music Test Press from 2015.

"Lynx Is Playing At My House" is the other TP vinyl I have. Wish it had Fabio's signing "Disco Dodo" on it.
That tune is off the hook. Oxford booked Lynx at least 3 imes fro HQ raves, he always turned up.
Parties were popping, without shit Es. Granted you'd get the odd retard who'd try and sell you beans. We just avoided them nd took in the smell of club weed. Good old days fun. I still don't smoke even, but passive inhalation is okay with me. I could never get into smoking joints. Normally because weird people.

Avoiding people such as them. So yeah, in other words I like recreation in a pure sense, but not contamination. I have a whole 600 page book to draw from on Jamaican culture, Lloyd Bradley's Bass *, but it tells us all we need to know about cancelling out shady people, snaky people.

When one is a heavyweight schizophrenic, the powers of paranoid secretions know little restraint.

Smash plate over head.

#436 shortlist:

Black Josh - Mannyfornia (Blah Records)

Steve Lehman - Xenakis and the Valedictorian (Pi Recordings)

Lew n’ Mang feat. Paul Outen - The Paul Outen EP (Bandcamp)

MSHR - Signal Hybrid Recursion (De Player)

Cory Smythe - Accelerate Every Voice (Pyroclastic)


#437 shortlist:

Jon Hassell - Seeing Through Sound (Pentimento Vol.2) (Ndeya)

Moor Jewelry - True Opera (Don Giovanni)

Moor Mother - CLEPSYDRA (Bandcamp)

Regis - Hidden in This is the Light That You Miss (Downwards)

Chris Watson / Georgia Rodgers - Notes from the Forest Floor / Line of Parts (SN Variations)


Apparently Tangerine Dream are on the front cover this month.

#438 shortlist:

Beans - Team BreakUP (Hello LA / Tygr Rawwk Rcrds)

The Exaltics & Heinrich Mueller - Dimensional Shifting (Solar One)

Maggi Payne - Arctic Winds (Aguirre)

Brandon Seabrook with Cooper-Moore & Gerald Cleaver - Exultations (Astral Spirits)

various - Social Desolation (Social Isolation)


#439 shortlist:

Bob Vylan - We Live Here (Venn Records)

Jyoti - Mama, You Can Bet! (eOne Music / SomeOthaShip Connect)

Mix Master Mike & Steve Jordan - Beat Odyssey 2020 (Jay-Vee)

Hedvig Mollestad - Ekhidna (Rune Grammofon)


Seems The Conduit has been dropped, at least for the time being. That's understandable as it was mainly used to document live events. 

Eric Chenaux- However Wildly We Dream (FL Covers)

Take 2:
Take 1:

I'm hoping that you will leave a comment.

(11th September 2020, 07:32)Muttley Wrote: I'm hoping that you will leave a comment.

They've got singing on them.

"They've got singing on them" - singing, really Statto, wow, you'd class that as singing? Lol
The original is better, IMO.

The original version of "However Wildly We Dream" is found on 15MOF Pt. 67 by Muttley at Although, maybe not - not all of the 2012-2014 additions are up there. Once my systems passed the Windows 10 infrastructure stage, there was no going back to the old FireFTP software. It was just something that happened, and could not be rolled back. Of course, all the listener and user of the archive needs to know is there is nothing wrong with the network connectivity and download speeds - it has been tested over a million times in almost fifteen years.

I'm struggling with #440.
Over fifty things listened to so far and none have even made it on to the long list BLAicon24

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