today, I... posting from the library. A storm knocked my broadband out and it probably won't be back up until Thursday next week Neutral


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Foci Left & Foci Right - Iridescence Is Irrelevance Liveset
by FL & FR

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FL & FR - The Only Answer Is Iridescence 05:06 / 15:00
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FL & FR - The Only Answer Is Iridescence 15:00
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The first catalog-stroke-stylistic-mash between the Foci Left and Foci Right aliases, after about 100 public releases on the internet that people sometimes send me money for. It's all infinitely appreciated, of course, but seeing as I ain't motivated by financial gain, I am setting this Sparky New Moon practice run free. It's comprised of my awful voice, boring narrations, plinky plonk piano sounds and abysmal attempts to be guitarist Jon Fahey.

(1st June 2018, 16:30)Euphony Wrote: Icon_sad

quite so, or indeed Abuse
Reply back online

Reply a new map through the post. My local OS Pathfinder was very old – last updated in 1976 - so I thought I'd get a new one. Turns out OS don't print Pathfinders anymore. Instead, what they do is print on demand, which means you can have a 1:25000 map centred on anywhere. So I now have a new bespoke map centred on my house.


You don't live in a house, Jonathan. You live in a forge.

As for what I did today, an awful lot of work because supposed to control gut bacteria as well as mood for the last hour. I have been producing engineering and best of all was the minefield pub subject of trading standards Nanny State-ing everything to do with introducing calorific nutritional and ingredient lists widespread. We're going to be retrograding. People with poor metabolisms will suffer. Only the ignorant will survive.

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