today, I...

Yes, everything did seem normal at first. Thanks for the update. But then supermarket chain greed ensued, now there are proper waiting lines outside shops. If you live in prison you'll never know anyway.

- watched Vitali ice Chisora
- ate less than 1500 cal today
- scratch for cards
- long conversation with nurse

uploaded from yesterday.
listened to Boc - Twoism LP, love "Melissa Juice" and "Oirectine" like it's still 1995.
uneven sleep. need to change bedding, on top and have another shower to shake off the grot of outside.
too many people going around with grubby gloves that I wonder, where have you put those before - in some dog crap?
just jesting. but yes, people are revolting. currently i'm listening to Drone Zone again.
plan to listen to at least and last one new compact disc (dubplate) today, and master it on my Chinese Buddha Mach.
plan to eat sausages (3 jumbo) and rice for breakfast, or for lunch, i need some peanut on toast or honey inside me.
yeah honey on fave. washed down with a nice warm cup of healthy black tea. i know how to clean my cups so they don't have age.