today, I...

Just browsed 50+ pages on dissensus forum.

Concluded I'm not missing out on much.


I mean.. yes I recall when the forum started, dubstepforum and such.

what a load of shite.

...arranged Bach's small prelude and fugue in E minor for recorder quartet


...returned from holiday in Cornwall


...went to Witney, #hameron town, and gave in a Platinum CD Version of "The Concert Collection" by 50s icon Lloretta Lynn.

Did 12 "the plank" sit-ups to tone my stretchy bod.
Flexed muscles to tighten, gradual, working on inhale/exhale. 
It's important for me to keep up my cardio, even if just small moves. As proven by Yoga teacher Callan Pinckney.  

I bougt the Cavernous Space EP, it's a real gem on my system filter.
Thinking of the types of mixes I can make with it - jungle, breaks ie.

Ate brunch bar and coffee for breakfast. I also have fish and rice pudding. Just not in that order Lol Ooh what an aftertaste darling!

Yeeeeah boi that Omni Music EP sounds so crisp with proper monitoring. And I am slowly pruning back for new arrivals to be in.

...One of the things that has become slightly troublesome, is not being able to copy my CDs before they get displaced in my flat under other CDs. I don't have visual commands for everything. Not that that's necessary, simply it's nice to have back-ups. To possibly make space and pass on the albums to shops where people might benefit from their usage.



\Pork & Oregano Spliced Sausages x4, Caesar Salad Dressing, Cracked Black Pepper, Half a Gem Lettuce Cut, Olive Oil Smattered Sardine Crush/.

What makes this a unique recipe? 

Not only is the recipe unusual, because fish and sausages are rarely eaten on the same plate. In this recipe, the olive oil of the sardines is naturally combined to texture and coat the sticky sausages when fried, the baby gem lettuce with the Caesar dressing, and the black pepper brings it all whole. 

What is important to keep in mind? 

The serving and cooking temperatures. The sardines are tin fresh, straight from line, and straight from olive oil at that. So they do not need much heating through. If anything, the heat is a novelty for them. It's the sausages you need to cook and fry the most. The salad is optionally charred. 

If I like recipes like this, what kind of cooks and eateries do you suggest?

Joe Wicks - Lean in 15 Meal Books; Atul Kochhar - Curries Of The World Pbk; Tom Kerridge - Proper Pub Grub hbk; Gordon Ramsey - Makes It Easy pbk. The Plough Inn, Alvescot, The Beehive, Carterton, The Golden Eagle, Carterton, Smarts Restaurant Witney, Burford Road Fish And Chips Carter. 

Any tips on how to get those sausages "just right"? 

Well, I generally just use my microwave to brown sausages over a long period of time - it's a myth they cannot be browned with a mw oven. 
If you really want to go all out traditional, I'd suggest frying them to strip them of animal fat, draining the animal fat, and spicing them up. 

Enjoy the latest foodie noodling. Xyxthumbs

...went into town and spent £85 on things I don't need


fawk it.

I have this song in my head RIGHT NOW for some inane reason, you should too

Cuss Cuss Spank
Reply so fucking fed up, I just can't....


If it's any consolation, I haven't even managed to get out of bed yet. It's alright.

(19th October 2020, 10:29)Muttley Wrote: Anything I can say to help?

not really, no, I'm just fed up

(19th October 2020, 10:35)Muttley Wrote: If it's any consolation, I haven't even managed to get out of bed yet. It's alright.


My Dad shared a really good Extra Hot Franks Chilli Sauce bottle at dinner last night. Too spicy is not my thing.