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What's your fave Bauhaus tunes, their covers included?

Off the top..

that Bauhaus 1998 (1999 release), "Gotham" NYC reunion gig video is fantastic btw!   Xyxthumbs


This is the only Bauhaus record I have... I guess it has to be that Bluesmiley

^^ I heard "Bela Lugosi's Dead" in the car yesterday.  IMO, one of the best dub influenced post-punk tunes.  Did you ever see Bauhaus live back in their heyday Statto?  

As a kid, Bauhaus were sort of a litmus test for punk kids that I grew up with.  Peter Murphy was extremely astounding to envision for your typical hetero male adolescent - this lanky, freaky, theatrical, presumably effeminate , shirtless dude, creeping & throwing himself around in their music videos in black tights, completely the opposite of 80's thrash metal, NA hardcore punk imagery & machismo.  Then Daniel Ash's make-up and ripped sheer shirts, leather pants, etc.    LADIES LOVE that look as we all know, but dudes were thrown off, including friends I grew up with back then.  Bauhaus were too freaky.  ha.

Back then, we were hanging with these thrash metal kids, they were into the standard Megadeath, Metallica, Slayer, etc. They could get into Bad Brains, 80's Cro-mags, C.O.C, D.R.I, & typical hardcore punk,  thrash crossover stuff of the day.  We were at a party and I played Bauhaus, and the thrash metal dudes were cringing right away lol, ".... wtf is this shit????"  They were really disgusted. ha   Peter Murphy's voice, the sometimes minimal, dark vibes, is wasn't your typical volume "rawk" right?   The metal dudes fully weren't down. Bauhaus were NOT for them that night. heh.  Bauhaus were too weird.  

I always have that memory.   Bauhaus certainly divided some tastes imo.  


(29th October 2017, 18:42)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Did you ever see Bauhaus live back in their heyday Statto?  

I saw them in Nottingham in 1981, I think. I can't really remember much about it Oops

Interesting contrast of the original line up, vs Murphy & more recent, newer backing band.  Both great imo.  Daniel Ash is incredible at recreating the studio sounds live.

0:00:01 Double Dare,
0:03:45 In the Flat Field,
0:08:00 A God in an Alcove,
0:12:26 Kick in the Eye,
0:16:16 Hollow Hills,
0:22:00 In Fear of Fear,
0:26:04 Boys,
0:30:00 She's in Parties,
0:33:31 The Passion of Lovers,
0:36:59 Dark Entries,
0:41:32 All we ever Wanted,
0:45:42 Spirit,
0:50:12 Bela Lugosi's Dead

1 King Volcano (Live) 2:44

2 Kingdom's Coming (Live) 2:41
3 Double Dare (Live) 5:46
4 In The Flat Field (Live) 4:19
5 A God In An Alcove (Live) 4:16
6 Boys (Live) 3:39
7 Silent Hedges (Live) 3:29
8 Endless Summer Of The Damned (Live) 4:05
9 The Spy In The Cab (Live) 4:12
10 A Strange Kind Of Love (Live)  4:21
11 Bela Lugosi's Dead (Live) 7:39
12 The Passion Of Lovers (Live) 3:50
13 Stigmata Martyr (Live) 3:54
14 Dark Entries (Live) 3:53
15 Severance (Live) 6:39
16 Hollow Hills (Live) 5:02
17 Spirit (Live) 3:24
18 Telegram Sam (Live)  2:15
19 Ziggy Stardust (Live)  3:23

Some of the Daniel Ash, Kevin Haskins, Glenn Campling, early Tones on Tail is alright.  Once again, like the noisy, dub experiments. Early electronic jams as well.

1982 via 4AD Records, 1983 via Situation Two

Tones on Tail - Live at Thames Polytechnic, May 18th, 1984


Happiness (incomplete)
Movement of Fear
Slice of Life (Bauhaus cover)
There's Only One
Ok! This is the Pops! (encore)
When You're Smiling (end of the concert, playing through the PA)
Alone She Cries (WTF?)

I got this for Halloween yesterday. Smile

This pukes all sorts of righteousness

Devil Master - Philly, PA

"Inhabit the Corpse", October 31, 2017

1. Inhabit the Corpse 0:00
2. Obscene Charade 2:39
3. Gates of Pain 4:26
4. Blood On My Shroud 7:10

[Image: a0994800961_10.jpg]

NEW Rakta!   Xyxthumbs

"Oculto Pelos Seres" 7", October 2017

0:00 Intro
1:06 Rodeados Pela Beleza
3:40 Atrativos Da Mentira
5:53 Memória Do Futuro
11:41 Outro

[Image: a2730496547_10.jpg]

In Disgust - San Jose, CA

[Image: a1001678856_10.jpg]

All Pigs Must Die - "Hostage Animal" lp, October 2017

greatness indeed.   Teefsmashslayer Icon_yippee

[Image: APMD-October-Facebook-header-for-artist-page.png]
[Image: a4205888516_10.jpg]

Hexis - Copenhagen, Denmark


"Xll"  lp, September 2017, previous "Tando Ashanti" lp, April 2017, everything and anything basically.  Wink

Hexis :  Tando Ashanti (2017)

01. Tando
02. Ashanti
03. Molestus
04. Ritualis
05. Calamitas
06. Nocturnus
07. Opacus
08. Cordolium
09. Resurrection
10. Septem
11. Presagium

[Image: a3366207390_10.jpg]

Bell Witch - Seattle, WA

"Mirror Reaper" lp, October 2017

if you have 83 minutes to spare...

[Image: a2573679411_10.jpg]

Altarage - Bilbao, Spain

"Endinghent" lp, October 2017

00:00-05:58 Incessant Magma
05:58-09:54 Spearheaderon
09:54-13:28 Cataclysm Triada
13:28-16:31 Fold Eksis
16:31-21:27 Rift
21:27-25:34 Orb Terrax
25:34-32:06 Weighteer
32:06-36:45 Barrier

1. Drevicet 0:00

2. Womborous 4:56
3. Graehence 8:47
4. Baptism Nihl 14:01
5. Vortex Pyramid 17:11
6. Batherex 22:24
7. Altars 26:59
8. Cultus 31:31

[Image: a3660468850_10.jpg]

I haven't listened to Loma Prieta in a bit.  It has been awhile for new stuff as well.

Regardless... good call.  Random after work tunes for tonight.   Cool

they still rip!


1. Fly By Night
2. Torn Portrait
3. Reproductive
4. Trilogy 4 "Momentary"
5. Trilogy 5 "Half Cross"
6. Trilogy 6 "Forgetting"
7. Untitled
8. Uniform
9. Uselessness
10. Aside From this Distant Shadow, There is Nothing Left
11. Biography
12. Diamond Tooth


1. Love 0:00
2. Black Square 2:43
3. Roadside Cross 4:50
4. Net Gain 6:42
5. More Perfect 9:02
6. Nostalgia 13:42
7. Never Remember 18:25
8. Merciless 20:25
9. Rings 23:06
10. Satellite 25:40

The Body & Full Of Hell - "Ascending a Mountain of Heavy Light" lp, November 2017

fuck yes!  Yes


1.Light Penetrates
2.Earth Is A Cage
3.The King Laid Bare
4.Didn’t The Night End
5.Our Love Conducted With Shields Aloft
6.Master’s Story
7.Farewell, Man
8.I Did Not Want To Love You So

[Image: a2635227099_10.jpg]

Necrot - Oakland, CA

1. The Blade 00:00
2. Rather be Dead 05:55
3. Shadows and Light 10:34
4. Blood Offerings 14:26
5. Empty Hands 19:58
6. Beneath 24:15
7. Breathing Machine 29:15
8. Layers of Darkness 34:10

[Image: a3392699480_10.jpg]

Amenra - "VI" lp, October 2017

0:00 Children of the Eye
9:41 Edelkroone
10:04 Plus Près de Toi (Closer to You)
18:44 Spijt  
20:44 A Solitary Reign  
29:49 Diaken

0:00 Children of the Eye
11:17 Razoreater
18:40 Thurifer.Et Clamor Ad Te Veniat?
25:37 Boden
37:18 Plus Près De Toi (Closer To You)
46:23 Am Kreuz
1:02:20 Terziele
1:08:12 Nowena | 9.10
1:17:08 Diaken
1:28:15 A Solitary Reign

[Image: amenra-ab2017.jpg]
[Image: a2229860900_10.jpg]

Cruciamentum - "Paradise Envenomed" e.p, November 2017


1.Paradise Envenomed
2.Descent To Acheron

[Image: a3994916278_10.jpg]

Dawn Ray'd - UK

"The Unlawful Assembly" lp, October 2017


0:00 Fire Sermon
4:28 The Abyssal Plain
8:41 Future Perfect Conditional
13:02 Emptiness Beneath The Great Emptiness
16:19 A Litany To Cowards
19:29 The Ceaseless Arbitrary Choice
24:16 Held In A Lunar Synthesis
28:45 Strike Again The Hammer Sings
33:18 Island Of Cannibal Horses
38:26 A Thought, Ablaze

[Image: a2560938428_10.jpg]

There's a NEW Godflesh lp as of yesterday.

I am digesting it all tonight as I post. So far so good Smile Bring on some remixes!

Track listing:

1. Post Self - 0:00
2. Parasite - 4:28
3. No Body - 8:09
4. Mirror Of Finite Light - 11:58
5. Be God - 16:21
6. The Cyclic End - 21:30
7. Pre Self - 26:21
8. Mortality Sorrow - 31:30
9. In Your Shadow - 36:16
10. The Infinite End - 41:25

[Image: a1479411810_10.jpg]

^^   GREAT listen imo!   Godflesh with groove, nice to kick back into the melodies in places,  a nice compendium with the noise.   Earlier Godflesh vibes in tow.  

fave tune from the lp i think..  




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