The songs that soundtrack summer

^^ Yes, Pavement quite summer-y music. Funny coincidence (if I remember correctly from my teenage years) Pavement used to release their records usually in summer as well (at least in the early 90s) , didn't they?
Music critic for the Tally Ho


Brilliant summer-y playlist from a family mate over at SCloud - Summer '15

Elements of paleolithic, deep and funky house mixed with a tangentiality towards adult pop.



Is everyone enjoying the seemingly, global heat wave?    

Dang.. it is hot in my area this week fo sho.




This track has been on repeat whole summer, for me. Hands up, feel good, hit of the summer.


um... summer in western Canada has been fraught once again with serious forest fires throughout British Columbia - clouding us all in a blanket of smoke lately wherever the wind moves the smoke eastward. It has been a bit much.   Thumbd

Aside from working this summer, I have actually done summer things like CAMPING!!   Which I never do, and have never done since.. the 90's really heh. But hey, I'm down. Hyper  I grew up camping, just wasn't obsessed with it back when, which is crazy considering locations I have lived in, like the Pacific NW. I just stayed in they city. Doh!  Camping is fun, I don't mind it again, my interest has been renewed a bit. Going this weekend once again, air quality supposed to clear up in time, and some rain in the mountain areas should clear some smoke up.  I still won't hike any remarkable far distance, and I do have this fear of a cougar, or mountain lion jumping on my back and rolling my head around like a cat toy.. and/or encountering a bear and shitting myself.    

Nature kills.

But i digress..

TUNES!    Dream pop blends kicking about much lately.      Driving through the mountains, dream pop moments.   Listening to Killing Joke & Revolting Cocks in the mountains at night is pretty awesome to!  I recommend it.  Yes


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