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ATTN Muttley!

Sorry. Three and a half years on from your post, just fully registered this.
I still do not truly know why Organic Beats went offline.
It was likely (as with most admin concerns) about paying for site maintenance. Upload space et al.
We forget SC has not always been so quiet about running costs, there is a donate option.
SC has always been much more metropolitan policed. Meaning it covers many more outposts in currency.
It has longevity. It is not based in fashion. Everywhere else sadly is based on trying to be a trend to catch on.
Bass music as a term was based to fashionista itself. Deepersounds who I "tried" to admin for crumbled.
Enough of that. Seperatism only gets you so far. "We all love Clover, it's just the way it's churned".
Hence all the pointless arguments and bickering from many hot headed hangers on of Subvert Central.
Why do I bring this up again? Dealing with the past acrimony as a watcher of retardation was very sad.
Organic Beats? It was doing well until as ever, money comes into it. They didn't pay me, only in music.
Alex is a good guy, as is James of Deepersounds. The trouble is money becomes so critical.
What is clear is that my theories in that 2006 Theses passed around were correct: forums always survive.

So because SC, DOA and smaller sites mainly made use of public forums, they could grow, whereas starting as an "elite" does not work, simply because if you block potential friends from helping you, shit hits fan.
And as written in my Theses, which I have not red since 2006 because I remember all the meta...
If you stop the public from getting involved, you will soon find that you are the one drawing out bank loans

...Sorry, I know I got a bit harsh there, my apologies. Truly I have no idea where Organic is going now. Where was I...Alex told me he was working on a label I think when the site closed down, he had more than enough money from sponsors advertising (one of the other Theses Perks) or a club night, like that.

From what I remember, I and him was reasonably vague about all this. That's since club nights are always about each night as it goes, and labels are like chess matches, thinking ten releases (steps) ahead. Even if you only want to release one vinyl and disappear into the aether... / / / /Ā 

I will never leave.

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