Free Battery 4 Drum Kit Made From DSI Pro 2


I have made a Battery 4 drum kit made entirely from DSI Pro 2 sounds that I have created from scratch. No factory sounds, no copies of other sounds, no external content of any sort. Zero FX were applied while recording the sounds themselves. It is all Pro 2 monster goodness. in a few cases I've applied Battery's EQ and Envelope but as much as possible I wanted to leave them intact. As such there's no setting that cannot be undone and modified to any particular need.

If you look at some of the waveforms, you'll see that a few of the drum sounds all come from one sample. nothing to stop you extending the waveform to its full length, though its utility value becomes more spot FX than drum kit. However, there's always 'That One Time' you need that kind of thing, so I didn't break the sample apart. Its all about fun tbh.

Even if you don't have Battery 4, the source files are there, all .wav files recorded at 32bit/96K. I discovered that if I rename the file extension to .KT3, Komplete 5 will happily load the sound set, though I cannot guarantee stability or accuracy as that is out of my control. I've not found a way to load it into older versions of Battery, sorry. Since you can get the Komplete 5 Player for free, it should still be possible to load it up.

There are a few 'standard' type white noise sounds because no kit is really complete without them but for the most part they are oddities that you can tweak and play with to your heart's content. Some of them work best when layered, becoming quite powerful when added together.

Added together and piped through GR5 becomes monstrously good fun.

My plan is to expand the kit over time as I did start out making this for myself. Free for your own use, sharing the love.

Download from

I hope you enjoy the sounds. Any problems, let me know. This is my first time sharing up a kit I've made so I accept there might be a few niggles.

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Hugely generous Smile

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