former subvert roll call

(28th December 2016, 10:53)cycom Wrote: Applause congrats man! 3 year old twins? Fraternal or maternal? The first years are tough (as you probably know Lol), but from then on it's much easier than just siblings. Ours play for hours and hours and help each other with homework (sending them to the same class, FTW!)

Concert wind band and jazz band sounds great, too Xyxthumbs


They're identical twins...who look and behave very differently from one another.  Go figure...

How old are yours?
Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creative!" 

9, fraternal, look just like "regular" brothers, one is even 2 inches taller, both are completely different types of character, too.

El Hornet Pendulum is still doing the "Stadium DnB" thing as far as I know Teef

I dunno though if El Hornet ever considered himself to be a Subvert, though it was quite nice in the days before FB you could also encounter peeps like him on message boards. Peeps like him meaning also commercially successful producers, that is. And judging from his posts, he seemed to be a quite level headed bloke anyways.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

so it seems that was all just a brief flurry of activity and now everyone's gone again


seems like. Macc's FB posting didn't last long, I guess.

just going through the gig diary in the new issue of The Wire...

Atlas Electronic Morocco
Four days of electronic music in Marrakech. The line-up includes Ata Kak, Ben UFO, Fatima Yamaha, Hieroglyphic Being, Shanti

Dekmantel Netherlands
Techno, house and electro music festival featuring Arca & Jesse Kanda, Ben UFO, Bicep, Blawan, Donato Dozzy & Peter Van Hoesen, Fatima Yamaha, Floating Points, Gas, Helena Hauff, I-F, Jeff Mills & Tony Allen, Jon Hopkins, Karenn, Larry Heard, Robert Hood, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Mathew Jonson, Objekt & Call Super, Palms Trax, Robert Glasper Experiment, Steve Reich & Slagwerk Den Haag, Andy Stott, Dopplereffekt, Dorian Concept, Factory Floor, Lena Willikens, Lorenzo Senni, Optimo, Beatrice Dillon, Aleksi Perälä, Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids, Inga Mauer, and more. Amsterdam various venues, 2–6 August,

Dekmantel Selectors Croatia
Croatian edition of the Dutch dance music festival featuring Ben UFO, Call Super, I-F, Motor City Drum Ensemble, Objekt, Optimo, DJ Stingray, Lena Willikens, and more. Tisno The Garden, 24–28 August,

Dimensions Croatia
Annual techno, house and bass music festival featuring Grace Jones, Jeff Mills, Theo Parrish, Moderat, Floating Points, Nina Kraviz, Ata Kak, Levon Vincent, Dopplereffekt, Yussef Kamaal, Romare, Demdike Stare, Helena Hauff, Ben UFO, Pangaea, Pearson Sound, Alexander ichael Schmelling

Electronic music festival curated by Craig Richards, featuring Ricardo Villalobos, Nicolas Jaar, Floating Points, Cobblestone Jazz, Adrian Sherwood, Andrew Weatherall, Ben UFO, Calibre, Convextion, Optimo, Radioactive Man, Yussef Kamaal, Ivan Smagghe, Roman Flugel, and more. Norfolk Houghton Hall, 10–13 August, £150–£50

Optimo 20
Glasgow based record label and club night celebrates 20 years with a mini festival featuring ADULT., Apeiron Crew, Aurora Halal, Avalon Emerson, The Black Madonna, Ben UFO, Carla dal Forno, King Ayisoba, Miss Red & The Bug, Nurse With Wound, Optimo, and more. Some of the profits will be donated to Glasgow’s Coalition For Racial Equality & Rights and to the city’s food banks. Glasgow The Galvanizers Yard, 6 August, 2–11pm,

Second edition of new London dance music festival featuring Ben UFO, Call Super, Shanti Celeste, A Made Up Sound, Lena Willikens, Peggy Gou, Gilles Peterson, Romare, Yussef Kamaal, Konstantin, Derrick May, Floating Points, Larry Heard, Helena Hauff, The Black Madonna, Move D, Palms Trax, Princess Nokia, Roy Ayers, Theo Parrish, and more. London various venues, 12 August,

Waking Life Portugal
Music and arts festival featuring live and DJ sets by Aleksi Perälä, Ateq, Audio Werner, Aurora Halal, Ben UFO, DJ Nobu, Leafar Legov, Lawrence, Konstantin, Kassem Mosse, Fennesz, Philip Jeck, Robag Wruhme, Sebastian Mullaert, Ulf Eriksson, Youandewan, and more. Crato various venues, 17–20 August,

what a star Smile



There are so many things on here that aren't available on FB. But I keep forgetting them. Icon_sad

How do we re-ignite what was there before Facebrick?

Mainly for my ageing brain/memory...

you search for them, usually several times before you find what you're looking for


(16th July 2017, 15:04)Statto Wrote: just going through the gig diary in the new issue of The Wire...


what a star Smile


He sure is! Just saw him perform at Into The Valley, here in Estonia and he with the Hessle Audio crew delivered! Always try to catch him, when he gets to this part of the world.

(23rd July 2017, 12:06)Düffah Wrote: There are so many things on here that aren't available on FB. But I keep forgetting them. Icon_sad

How do we re-ignite what was there before Facebrick?

Wave Leading a happy Facebrick free life here Xyxthumbs
Music critic for the Tally Ho


and here are a couple of articles on Ben Kei's Dalston Chillies...



It's been a long time... I got married, had two girls (18 months and nearly 6) and have developed an expensive craft beer addiction.
Producing and DJing a bit (now that I have less time than I've ever had) and pushing the underground sound in Birmingham UK
I've gone on to meet and become good friends with old Subverts, primarily Jason Os, Pez and Futurepast Zine in the Midlands (and loads of others in a more fleeting sense daaan at Rupture)
I love SC for that Hugs Hope to catch a few of you in a couple of weeks at the Castle!

Here is a live set of my own stuff i done did last year... if you're interested.

One Lovesmilie

hey hey Wave

Safetyboy is alive and well and is just about to move into a studio next door to mine.

Ive been deep in an ambient hole the last few years, still mixing various things, but rarely publishing anything, doing a bit of writing too.

This is us now:

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