Would anyone here know of somewhere or someone in the UK (southwest-ish ideally) that could repair an audio interface??

I got a 2nd hand motu 828mk2 a while ago off ebay and it worked grand at first but then my computer just stopped recognising it!!! I'm using a mac which is known for compatibility with motu if im not mistaken?

Anyway, the device works stand-alone but is not recognised by the computer. The only thing that happens is the sample-rate light flashes when its connected and is solid when not! All the usual things with drivers installing uninstalling etc have been tried several times, I've brought it into the apple shop and they tested the mac and all the fw ports and said its fine.

I've been on the Motunation forum where someone eventually suggested that the firewire chip in the motu could be fried from plugging the cable in upside down! I'm nearly sure I did this once (like an idiot) , but i'm almost positive that it had stopped working way before this! Here's a link to the thread:

[color=#91ad9f][font=Source Sans Pro]

So basically, would anyone on here have any ideas or know of someone who would be good with repairs in this kind of thing? I've just been advised to ship it to the states to motu themselves and get repaired for US 100!

Any help would be appreciated

I just googled motu repair uk and this was the second link:

£110 + vat for your 828mkii

I have an 828 mkii. the MK's have a well known compatibility with everything. I truly don't know what causes these issues, but I've had a friend return his mkiii at least 3 times. Hahaha 

I had a similar problem while borrowing a friends old macbook pro. 

I had to remove the drivers manually (either in command prompt, or editing something I was entirely unfamiliar with), re-installing the MOTU .tz (an old one for their firewire units), booting the mac after turning the MOTU unit on (so it's discovered before the OS loads) and it worked!

...for a single recording session.

Both the Macbook pro and MOTU 828 mkii had 6-pin firewire 400 termination. It's not possible to plug them in upside down, but...who knows. 


I did something.

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