Muttley has a clothing line - VIDA fashion design (photog/graff/paint/felt)

Yup, you read that right, Muttley has a clothing line - VIDA fashion design (photog/graff/paint/felt). A mixed media project.

I was asked to design for them. It costs me nothing. I get 10% total sales of all products back. There are some amazing designers there.

Here what is complete:

A graffiti example I finished yesterday afternoon...

[Image: 57a890a28d1eaa362a037be6_grande.png?v=1470690105]

Flowers for your own girlfriend or wife:

[Image: 579f54d9d1175aaa2490d0de_grande.png?v=1470191429]

12 designs in total so far, more coming, slowly.

Comments welcome. I do not rate my artwork, but other people seem to like it, so I make it so give selflessly back.


they look nice Bluesmiley Smiley

Thanks Statto Kisskiss
Although I embody some cisgender personality components, this is purely art designed for women/females/girls and not transvestites first and foremost. But if you love something enough...well like a partner or spouse, I am sure you can be "femme" with them. Smile

What Statto said Smile
Music critic for the Tally Ho


I am planning some nature works again, repeat pattern tees, not necessarily working as scarves, as scarves favour ellipticality.


Have a (partially free gift): a redeemable voucher code for VIDA to the value of $25 off your purchase.

Use code LRNP-MC28 while checking out to redeem this credit.


I have added a 'Featured Post' gadget from the Layout function in my blogger to head this subject at the top of the page.
It does not take up much space.

(28th August 2016, 22:46)Muttley Wrote: I have added a 'Featured Post' gadget from the Layout function in my blogger to head this subject at the top of the page.
It does not take up much space.

40 per cent off site wide today.

20$ off my collection orders at the moment, ask VIDA for more details.

Here is my 06.10.2016 delivered "What I Think" tee design on 6'5 18stone Michael...

[Image: 14572792_1762614730645089_42842412856720...e=58705AE7]

It is tight fitting on the arms as you can see, but I have plenty of bodily breathing space. It is an XL size, the largest they do.

I see it as more of a vest top than a tee, in this nature. It is incredibly comfy silk wear. Worth all the money.

It also means reassuringly that VIDA is a stand up legitimate company.

I cannae wait pet to see the LUV boatneck boyfriend tee I bought a family member.

nice one Mick Grin
beats are there to be broken

(10th October 2016, 10:50)noisemonkey Wrote: nice one Mick Grin

Thanks Matt! We are 50% on target to Slate Status here at VIDA. That means if 5 more buyers back my designs, I get promotion benefits on top of the codes for customers. 

My mums tee came through today. I bought it for her and my dad's benefit, as a Xmas gift. Medium fits well. Soon I will do some more work in the design studio. For now friends can get money off codes on the site. 


A few measurements:

I am on average of 10 years adult life, thirty per cent body fat - 30%. This translates as my Body Mass Index (BMI). In descriptive terms, I am overweight, but really not obese. 70% of the rest of my body is fluid, as is the 70% fluid ratio of every human on the planet. In extra external reality, there are properly trained rugby players who are bigger than me, and who are 30% plus fat, muscular and fat at the same time, but good fat, which I need to tone, and need less of at the same time. It all figures out well.

All the same, my build is that of a sloth. I waddle. I am a waddleista, as I like to term it. All in good jest. My Diabetes reading is 1.3 under the level where Diabetes becomes a reality - 4.7. Most people are over 5.0, in a ratio of 6.0 to unhealthy digestion systematics. I have a blood pressure of 124 - stressed Eric (all due to my mental health condition; schizophrenia), and a cistolic/diastolic reading of 80/86 pulse. In all, nice.

These size ideas are inspiring me to do something with the "Embroil Truth" graphic for VIDA I have recently designed. I have not uploaded it yet, but I will. Soon.

All these measurements may reassure anyone also 6 feet 5 inches and between eighteen and a half stone and eighteen stones that yes, you can easily fit into an extra large women's cut, whether you are male or female, shorter and shorter. There are not many people taller than me also, and most of the time they are thinner, but their arm length may cause a problem to the cut of the tees and scarves. We shall have to see. I am optimistic that the product range has a wide customer base. It just needs time to be seen. Smile

Hey hey, PERFECT10 code gets you 10% off any VIDA order right now.

THIS IS AWESOME Lovesmilie Lovesmilie Lovesmilie - by Dane Light

New handbag design by me going live soon, I messed up the sizing so it's only a portion of the image, a retro MS Paint job.

Collaborations include Cher and Todd John Tyler and a Hollywood fashion designer.

seeing as vida is based in the USA and Pakistan, it's essential to get a good offer when you can. VIDA have been doing some good ones recently that I'm not going to copy and paste; sign up to the mailing list and check for yourself, they are very busy. their pillow designs (I have done a colourful one) by various artists are superb; I recommend the "platinum" and "ny lunch break" ones, plus the "holy basil". it's a problem with any company when they use such expensive materials, seeing as it's such a high end brand, they charge expensive prices for my products. I don't have a big problem with it, just saying that you need to choose wisely - be selective - and with the offers you can get what you want.

another piece of quality news: VIDA has expanded dress and tee sizes to plus size: 1X 2X 3X all covered. For women with big busts and waistlines,

Your code: YSF-TXN
Redeem upon checkout to see what you've won!

Code expires midnight TONIGHT
August 19th, 2017

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to us at, we’d be happy to help.

VIDA & Co.
Please note: "Entire Purchase Free" applies to purchases of $150 or less. This code cannot be used in combination with any other offer.

Handbag new design, minimum price of £31.24GBP.

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