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Randomly, I've been listening to recent Neurofunk-ish stuff all week. There is some interesting ideas & movements going on. I'm liking what I am hearing. 

I'm in.   Xyxthumbs

This could be a thread on the evolution of Current Value tunes alone, Position Chrome to now, but dang.. have you heard his new, and more recent stuff?  Hence my inspiration for this thread. 

Clearly Current Value is making tunes just to mess with us. \m/   

Neurofunk in 2016, if anything, Current Value is a GREAT place to start. 


Critical Music...

yes. That Monty (France), Critical Music podcast is FIRE. On repeat yesterday. True story. Smile

On point.


Catch the dub techno flourishes in the "Hold Me Close" tune. So good.

Great release.


Clearly Flexout Audio is the place to be.



Signal & Phentix - Onset
Phentix & Signal - Informer (Dub)
Phentix - Hoax
M-Set & Deefa - All Consuming Fear (Amoss Remix)
Alix Perez - Recall & Reflect
Incognito - Stop & Go
Phentix - Babylon (Dub)
Level 2 - Nothing to Fear (Kyrist Remix)
Signal, Concept Vision & Segment - Medium
Cern - Tiamat
Xtrah - Cybernetics
Phentix - Afterlife (Dub)
Break - Confidential
Mefjus & Xtrah - Fever
Dub Head - Structured
A - Cray - Stomper
Amoss - Flex
Noisia & Phace - Floating Zero
Klax - Hoodrat
Emperor - SMPL
Ivy Lab - Forex
Mefjus - Expedition (InsideInfo Remix)
Signs - Percuss
Xanadu & Phentix - Planet Nine (Dub)

You've heard this right?

Zx11shocked Zx11shocked Zx11shocked


that SHADES stuff is nice. MORE please.

Alix Perez & EPROM

"Better To Reign In Hell Than To Serve in Heaven" e.p. Sept 2, 2016

shit is crazy.
[Image: a0887564309_10.jpg]

its this kinda stuff.

BAT SHIT CRAZY. I've been listening to to it all week, keeps me awake lol. I see a pattern coming up for my soundtrack next week. Must inject more.

random youtube comment.. "I have to admit, I will always admire Billain's music as a technological achievement, but it's honestly just too crazy for me to want to listen to on a daily basis."


I fell in love with dnb again for today. Lovestruck

There is some AMAZING music in this mix.  Do it.

[Image: artworks-000186851936-3mkkyv-t500x500.jpg]


[Image: artworks-000166101985-4hko8g-t500x500.jpg]

get your neuroGEEK on. Smile



SO... for the record

STILL THOROUGHLY ENJOYING the majority of Critical Music podcasts, mix radio shows and the like. I have been listening to tunes during full work shifts again, and YES, Critical podcasts are great to work to, keeps me awake! Smile

very much "what am I bumpin" as of late on the job, during the work day.


31 Records... recent Current Value

i fuckin concur with these tunes. "Reconsider" is sexy. moody. brooding...


More Current Value + atmos...

great combination.  imo.   Xyxthumbs    "Ghost Nation" more of a stomper to contrast.  


Current Value - BIGGER PICTURE (forthcoming 31 Records)
Current Value - MAJOR FRACTURE (forthcoming 31 Records)
Current Value - SPACE ENCOUNTER (Critical Music)
Current Value - SCALAR (forthcoming 31 Records)
Current Value - AGILITY (Blackout)
Current Value - APPROXIMATION (Neosignal)
Machine Code - TEKKERS (Subsistenz)
Current Value - ID
Current Value - UNTHINKABLE (Critical Music)
Unquote - HIDE YOUR TEARS BECAUSE WE ARE IN HEAVEN - Sunchase Remix (Med School)
Pythius, Optiv & CZA - BATTLECRUISER (C4C Recordings)
Stoner & Paradigitz - ODIOUS (Major League)
Current Value - IDLockjaw & Current Value - COUNTDOWN (Neosignal)
Current Value - GRIP (Cyberfunk)
A.M.C & Turno - THE FEVER - Tobax Remix (Titan)
Current Value & Prolix - FAKE (Trendkill)
Pythius - BBT - Current Value Remix (Blackout)
Turno & A.M.C - UNSTOPPABLE (Titan)
Minzo - AMPLIFIEDCurrent Value - ID
Current Value - SACRED (Blackout)
Current Value - MIND'S NATURE (Blackout)
Jam Thieves & Current Value - PETRIFIED (Playaz)
Current Value - SUBCONSCIOUS (Terminal)
Phace & Noisia - DRAWBACK (Critical Music)
Wolf Grey - TRUST LATELY - Current Value Remix (unreleased)
Current Value - TIME RUBBER (Methlab Recordings)
Current Value - IMPACT (Invisible)
Current Value - STARFLEET (Blackout)
Current Value & Mefjus - ID
Lockjaw & Current Value - ID
Current Value - ELECTRIFY (Blackout)
Current Value - - FOOTWORK (Critical Music)
Current Value - NITRO (Blackout)
Current Value - CAPSULE (Othercide Recordings)

Halogenix & Monty "Old Town"... the PRODUCTION is godly. "velvet" is simply just. "Blej" is weird, keeps you on your aural toes (what?). Or something.


Can we count Counterstrike? This tune in particular:

SoundCloud search - Muttley - cal rage monster
Skip to about 30 minutes and you'll hear

Su3ject - Rage (Counterstrike Remix)

"Trust he's a murder machine, with M16 sample"...mixed with the techno bullet train arpeggios, is mind bogglingly complex, brain blowing up visceral.

Also Echo - Out Of Time (Calyx Remix) is 2 tunes earlier in the mix. The amount that tune makes me want to destroy it is unreal.

^^ I haven't heard that Echo - "Out of Time (Calyx Remix)" in a long time, the Tears For Fears vocal sample is very succinct. Good call. Both tunes are decent examples of the then, complimentary mix of techsteppy & neuro elements from the early to mid 2000's time frame for sure. The Su3ject - "Rage (Counterstrike Remix" perhaps influenced by Tech Itch & Kemal "The Calling" from a couple years earlier no? I like the chaos of the tune Smile

I like these 3 more recent Counterstrike tunes. Head fuck riddims, noted. heh. "Compulsion" is crazy. "Vitriol".. head knocker for sure, after the second drop.. mayhem. The collab with Chee "Perfect Machine", your brain in a vise grip, etc. etc. ha. Insane tune.


This new Foreign Concept mix is pure joy.

Smile   recommended. Amazing energy throughout. I start work anywhere from 4:30 AM to 6 AM as of late. As mentioned, perhaps a morning Red Bull, recent neuro, & these mixes help keep me awake.


DJ Hybrid ft. Haribo – Raised in the jungle
Dlr & Quadrant – Ghostfish
Mark System – Break Glass
Bou & Telekom – Violet
Survival ft. Break – Catalyst
Need For Mirrors – Kids
Enei ft. DRS – The Process
Sabre & Ulterior Motive – Barefoot
Cutty Ranks & Marvellous Cain – The Hit Man (T>I remix)
Kumarachi – Lovebox Return
DJ SS – Rollidge
Break – Timeline
Impish – Can’t Feel
Document One – Uh-Huh
Foreign Concept & Halogenix – Waiheke Wine Club
Brockie & Ed Solo – Lost Bass (Serum Remix)
DJ Limited – Hit The Streets
Stranjah ft Tony Ranks – Don’t Talk
Fracture ft. Inaya Day – Cold & Rain
S.P.Y – Losin’ Sleep
Halogenix – Velvet
Marcus Intalex – Lowlife
Bou – Poison
Ulterior Motive ft. SPMC – The Wobbler
Foreign Concept – When You’re Alone (LSB Remix)
Benny L – Backlash
Sam Binga ft. Slick Don – Run The Dance (Enei remix)
Anile – Honour
Mark System – Obnox
Mefjus – Mirage
Tyke – Wrong Side Of A Class War

Foreign Concept & Halogenix "Waiheke Wine Club"... SOO GOOD. Love. Amazing.

great release, also via Critical. I don't mind the ragga vocal of "Skit City", good stuff.


Yes mate I can hear the sound of Mark Caro Tech Itch on the remix tune. Su3ject was very Neuro at the beginning but I cannot remember anything about the project. 
It'll come back to me.
Hey. Lol

Wish I could play these yt?

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