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Fuck it.. the ENTIRE "Rock for Light" lp in general. From the early Ric Ocasek (The Cars) produced Bad Brains era of course.


My mind is still blown hearing the tunes to this day. Its hard to pick a specific tune, but I think "Supertouch" exemplifies the blur of speed, aggression, and noise that is caught in motion. Superb.

So good. I live by this lp, k?


My brother & I were talking about Skinny Puppy the other day, parallels with 80's electro, early hiphop, Vancouver's Nettwerk Records in the 80's, and such. I was explaining that the gear that was around in the 80's used the same presets, etc, thus you can hear the same sounds in early electro, industrial, pop musics, and such, as in most other electronic produced musics of the time, as we all know. Skinny Puppy had melody, and although the vocal delivery was different, early Skinny Puppy production can easily be paralleled with Arthur Baker, Afrika Bambaataa tunes, and so on.

As a Canadian kid growing up in the 80's, I became aware of Skinny Puppy via local music tv programs circa 1986 or so, and then I actually bought my first Skinny Puppy release in 1988. In a way, Skinny Puppy was already regularly being talked about in local alternative music press by that time, which was also featured on tv, so the name was always around. Vancouver was just a short travelling distance away, but I had no clue how important a band like Skinny Puppy was, and IS to local electronic music here in Canada. I became a fan fast. I wouldn't be here with out them.

"Remission" is an electro record in places. I loved delving back into the Puppy catalog once I discovered the music. It is imperative music within Canada's electronic music history. I'm not sure if they get that amount of props yet. I stand by it.




One of the greatest pop-punk tunes EVER.


This could easily be an ALL song. No? Smile


^^ I chose an Iron Maiden song over anything on the 1985 Rites of Spring lp... so that says something. lol

still... if I had an alternate. My brother still hasn't given back my cd copy of the "End on End" Rites of Spring comp, he's had it for years now. heh. I should look into that.



Bad Brains, Rites of Spring Xyxthumbs

Iron Maiden not so much, or even at all Icon_razz

and the Skinny Puppy tune sounds like New Order Smile

I was originally just going to post "Kerosene".. but both songs are just as worthy.. k?






either initial Meat Beat Manifesto offerings, or Jack Dangers via Perennial Divide, the evolution into Meat Beat Manifesto no doubt.


I keep telling one of my older buddies who is now in his mid 40's, LOVES funk, soul, disco, some aspects of earlier hip-hop eras to a point, etc - who WAS alive when this lp was first released - to LISTEN TO "3 Feet High & Rising". We'll be listening to any random 70's / 80's funk, disco soul tune on the radio or something, and I'll tell him ..." De La Soul sampled that entire riff on their first lp!!" etc. etc. I've telling him that for YEARS.. it is almost 2017, and he STILL has never heard the "3 Feet High & Rising" lp.

I should change that. for real. I bought the 12" vinyl copy of "Say No Go" that year, and I played it repeatedly. Enough for my mother to complain that she keeps hearing the same bass line through the walls over and over again.

The entire lp... sooo many moments.

1989. til infinity. Smile


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