SubVersion and Foci Left present - EOY Charts

SubVersion and Foci Left present - EOY Charts

A rollin' topic up to NYE 2016!

The usual suspects may apply, and the more unusual are welcome.

It's the same chart template as last year, but with a few new spins of the roulette wheel...

Anyway, enough bollox, let's get on with it....


Track of the year: Tremble & Medika featuring Shady Novelle Emcee - Trouble (Ruff Cut 10' Gold Vinyl)

"Deep in my mind, you'll find trouble / deep in the dark, you'll give me nothing, so let's, hang".

Just repeats on and on over the tune with some chopper sounds thrown in and Burial-y synths.
I've probably played that tune about ten times since I bought it in April - a lot for a vinyl for me.

The rest of the year has been a composite blurfest. I can't remember half of the day from the next legal high or low. Although I have tried to be archival, most of my interest lies in blurring sources.

Here is a free track to start the thread - my Foci('s now dropped from the name as search engine unfriendly) Left project ( and this new piece stereo-ized and mastered this evening. The track's called "Mark", not really a persona reference, more like in a piece of furniture. Sums up my little sort out before recording it quite well I think.

Here's a DropBox dl link:

In the second rollin' post, I'm gonna splurge all my foodie noodlings into one personal post.

I will come back for editing seconds, tally ho with a bucket of rum.

Erm. So yah. The First Floor. Can't be beaten still for me, on land. Best meal of late was a vegetarian and appetisers from China, Thailand and India (e.g Breadcrumb Chinese Prawns, Deep Fried Thai Fish With Ginger Coating, Aloo Matter Veggie Indian Broth With Chunky Bits). But then dear Lord...the incredibly succulent Tandoori Shashlick Lamb and Mutton Kodai with Lamb Korma and Chicken Dopiaza. Just HEAVENLY. :d

I haven't visited many eateries this year that have recently opened, mainly because my inexpensive home cooking game is strongly edificed into me by the sweet. I've bought a lot of recipe books on the other hand, mainly on Kindle (Kocchar best cookery book this year, The Saffron Tales for stories of Iranian Cuisine, Joe Wicks Lean in 15 Exercise Combi Diet Plan biggles reads) or for charity shop 50 pence pieces the Oliver, Warrell-Thompson, Weight Watchers and Ramsey books (still to be read, truth will be told).

Angrid Thai is worth a mention as best new central Oxford restaurant, I paid them a visit halfway 2016.
Gloucester Green Bus Market.

Aside from that, the £2 charity Tom Kerridge gastropub cookbook is amazing. Called "Proper Pub Food". Michelin 6 Star Chef like my fave curry ghuy Atul Kochhar. But anyway, the first floor building in Cowley Oxford is like that standard, of all chefs combined, across the course of over 5 years operation in central Oxford. An absolute bargain that I bang on about every Christmas. £13.95 flat rate, salads sides mains desserts, self-service to saveyoutime, you only pay extra for selected drinks. It's where I learned how to make myown Indian Summer non-alchoholic cocktail! And finally, we do have a restaurant version in OX18 thank God. It's called Aangon, and their Lamb Roshini makes my 'best food list'.

So, here's my (fave) best food list.
No particular order, just splurging.

Mutton Kodai (First Floor)
Rupali Malai Ghost (My Dad).
Lamb Shashlick (First Floor)
Sarga Chicken (Ahmed's takeaway set meal).
(I'm just gonna call this the SENSATIONAL SQUID bc it's got some messed up Thai name) - Angrid Thai.
Pork Methi (Me and My Dad...he helped out because I sliced my thumb chopping a small shallot).

Limiting myself to five here. It's just too easy to name a truckload of stuff and it defies the point.
(.) denotes experiences I would like to have again, with the exception of slicing my thumb skin.

Ahmed's wins best new Carterton takeaway for me. I shall award you with another order. Gurkhas, anytime.

Best celebratory food experience goes to having my 28th reasonably sanely at Suwanna Thai, Witney. Their food, their food, one word; Yummy.

All the Annastay mix tapes got me through 2016 as best as possible, so that's that said.

Album of the year for me was "The Bride" by BFL. 
Album of mine of 2016 is no contest "Something".

Publication of the year: The Wire.
Runner up: BBC Good Food.

Thread of 2016: firefinga's Electronic Body Music...

Label of the year: Omni Music. In fact it was the last 2 years as well. Kompakt and Fluid Audio for the most timeless ambient, if I wasn't posting on a dance forum.

Counterpart tune of the year in this nature is ASC - The Promise In Your Lies. Silent Season label.

I really felt this tune. 

Below I will make a 'faves' list in order of llike.

Joint 1. ASC - The Promise In Your Lies / Tremble feat. Medika - Trouble
2. St Vincent - Prince Johnny [2014]
3. Guru Josh - Infinity (Version) [1990]
4. Levi Patel - Dissociation (Extended Mix)
5. ? - Stay In Wonderland (Extended Mix)

Radio of the year: Drone Zone -

when you've finished, please list all the categories for me, so I don't have to go looking for them all


They're in here Stattizzle.

Just add the comments on the year you want to make otherwise, if you want to.


Fave track
Fave album
Fave label
Fave mix
Fave book
Fave food
Fave random moment
Fave guilty pleasure
Fave SC thread
Fave Film

All of 2016? Not necessary. The chart is just a document, not a taste makers sentience.


My favourite random moment of this year has been realising why.

My fave film is a recent Netflix ting on Winston Churchill era Royal politics

The Crown

Fave guilty pleasure is (to me) noisemaking in the studio (purely for music creation purposes) and the neighbours never batting an eyelid (or giving me an earful, rather). Then again, I have very sensitive hearing, I can't make sound or listen moderately for too long.

If we're talking non-cookery books, "Reasons To Stay Alive" my Matt Haig has been helpful. To read how he turned his life around and didn't just end everything when depression can do that to us is very inspiring.

In terms of LPs of the year, not necessarily from this year...

Simon Scott - Onsomni
Jandek - The Song Of Morgan 9CD Compendium
Purl - Form Is Emptiness (the dub techno one with the squirrel cover, I forget the name)
Drawing Virtual Gardens - Heartbeats Of A Premature Image
Machinefabriek, Stephen Hess & Locrian - Re:Collections (Gold magnetic tape)

Vinyl cause of 2016: Flying Vinyl subscription series. I had to stop collecting them. I had too many to listen to.

Digital cause of 2016: ZIP DJ. DJs and journalist subscription service for all dance genres, including Latin. Unlimited downloads per month. EMI, Universal etc signed up. For DJs, by DJs.

Another free download for you in this Xmas SV Drip-Feed.

"Fragile Circumstance" (the original) was the favourite piece of music I worked on this year, utilising the rarely used Locrian modality. This orchestral trance remix has a Barber influence.

New short album from me Mr FL - "Drip (Session Work)"

This play list is a mixture of short samples and cuts and splices for a new free album series, "Drip", in line with the Xmas Drip Feed I did across the web in 2015. Last year, one free EP - "Ad Music 1", "Take Me Where The Giver Grows (For Joanne Lindsay) and a variety of free mixes and tracks from Simon Bean, Tropic Of Coldness and charts spanning The Wire subculture and more were aired.

Once this little record is sown up and gift wrapped i.e, it has proper arrangements and bells and whistle hook points, I'll publish at name-your-price. For all the fans of FL. Thanks for supporting me in my journey!

Gig of the year I was spectating at: Brigid Mae Power + Peter Broderick @ St Barnabas Church, Jericho, Oxford, England.
Gig of the year I was playing at: last week, 17th Nov 2016, Sparkys 15th Anniversary of the Flying Circus Oxford Open Mic Show.

Too early to do a definite list - it'S still over one month to go in 2016, but I can savely say favourite radio/mix show definitley:

Penryn Space Agency

Excellent diverse electronics-of-many-sorts shows Xyxthumbs
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Best rock band lyrics: Oasis - Be Here Now (Remastered)

Roll up, roll down, roll on, roll out, roll, roll, roll your eyes, gently in the stream, merrily merrily merrily merrily you might catch a bream!

Favourite TV Panelist show: not QI (not the same without Stephen Fry, but Toksvig is good female counterpart) - it's the Only Connect abstract math puzzles and history knowledge show.

Favourite SmartPhone App Game: World Chef. They have a FB. Because I love the virtual business model and the idea of being a decent chef! I'm up to level 27, it's taken a good year. Next I invite Laura the Lithuanian Vegetarian Chef to the roster; I bet it will cost me a virtual arm and a leg! But it's the most fun I've done on my phone. I generally detest using phones, but this reins me in.

I also like a recommendation from the same developers (Social Point) - Dragon Quest. Well executed Pokémon variant, inexpensive. Probably because I was there first time round lol.

Runner up: Game Of War. Because it's strategically and gameplay wise more inviting than RedSun, the Command & Conquer app.

Favourite console game: I only have one console to hand now, a Nin3DS. Super Street Fighter 4 is decent when I want to channel aggression/anger. Shattered Crystal and A Link Between Worlds for RPG. Advance Wars Dual Strike for strategy. Likely one of 4 games I got in a bundle from BenKei - Retro City Rampage, which is a Grand Theft Auto (PS2) / Vigilante 8 (Nin64) simulator for crashing into cars, writing off cars, killing cops, injuring humans, driving tanks across cities; you know, all the sorts of insane things you do in computer games to polarise reaction bias in real life. It's all good stuff tho.

Favourite PC game: Only really played one I bought last year for Xmas as a trade gift, and that's Tiberium Wars. C&C franchise. I have about 4 others installed of a max 12, but I don't want to fill my Asus laptop HD with games. So if other, I play online.

Favourite online game: Slotomania and Candy Crush Saga are at a tie. Can't choose, they're both excellent.

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