Boxing Day 40: The Buffetning

This is it Subverts, this is the BIG one!

40 years of xmas buffets for me. Breaking new ground this year with pickled garlic and home made vodka.

What's your 2016 best of xmas buffet?

gummy candies
roast duck Julienne cut carrots and roast potatoes, mince stuffing and gravy
minestrone soup spiced
crunchy peanut butter on sesame seeded toast
morrisons megamix sweeties
Christmas cake with icing and fruit

soup made from the stock of yesterday's bird

My mother is the oldest sister of 8 other siblings, so she has spent a lifetime of cooking and cleaning up after her 8 siblings, their families, and 3 generations of family grandchildren etc, during holiday meals and gatherings held at my grandparents' house. My grandfather passed away just over 2 years ago now, so the family holiday gathering dynamic has changed quite a bit in that short amount of time, as all holiday meals & family gatherings were based upon when my grandfather wanted to eat lol, He RULED EVERYTHING!! Thus, my mother is now 65 years old, and is COMPLETELY over traditional turkey dinners, there is nothing inspiring in that concept for her anymore lol.

I'm thankful, because Christmas dinner in recent years is going out for Korean food, or Japanese food, which we did this past weekend. Its GREAT!! Refreshing, different.. and simple.

Turkey dinners are out... sorry. Smile I still have some turkey dinner in the fridge from a Xmas party this past Friday that my friend got for me tho. We shall see.

Korean food. Yes please!

Had raclette on xmas eve and good old-fashioned goose with dumplings and red cabbage Xyxthumbs 2nd xmas day again raclette Teef

It was great, but kind of glad it's over now.

Mmm, raclette. Homerdrool

(26th December 2016, 17:26)Statto Wrote: trifle


Mince pies. And cheese/biscuits. Definitely in the 'why don't I eat this all year?' category. 

I have a very fine selection of chuxxneys this year, a delightful beetroot and red onion relish. Hyuummmmnnbb
[Image: protabl3.gif]
Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.

Here's my after-action-report;

I basically, totally over ate EVERYTHING and now am borderline going to shit my pants.


Too late. Ate not one, but 2 whole Boursin to myself.

Mmm, garlic.


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