SAMPLES FL (Foci Left) - Stewdio Jan 17 2k17 EP

A 30 minute studio session at 10am on 17th Jan 2k17. Constructive feedback welcome. Don't bother with being a critic. I do my own sound.

You are welcome to request free downloads of these tracks or any others on my Sound Cloud page. That's because besides reposts they are mine, Mick Buckingham FL created. I might submit one here to Scofen Music Contest. Possibly the second one. It's most complete.

The sound is a combination of off-kilter acoustic sounding electronic music, soft keyboard work and an cutting between male scat singing and spoken word poetry. A bit Harold Budd & Eno, more David Sylvian and Jandek.
Probably quite difficult to get into if you haven't been listening to music for a very long time.

See what you think anyway. Thanks!
Mike Smile

New releases on this month, with free download codes.
Mike Grin

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