80's Freestyle Music is Bumpin

I'm sort of in lurve with 80's freestyle tunes as of late. 

I just heard C-Bank on the car radio. 

I'm obsessed.  


IMO.. freestyle is the exemplification of myriads of production techniques & influences @ the time.

Original electro, latin rhythms, early hiphop, 80's disco remnants, FUNK, the "conga" or "bongo" presets on your gear, big drum machine sounds, pop love songs and such..

The intricacies of the tunes is soooo huge, made for the large club sound systems back then, also freestyle was a fully dj-ed dance music you can mix with so many different styles of beats. Its sort of like.. what big sound system "edm" would be now imo, as freestyle precursed NYC late 80's techno & rave, it paralleled house and precursed "bass music". It IS the original bass music.

The sounds are amazing to me. Vocal tunes, with the purpose to make your ass DANCE MUTHAFUKKAHS! heh.

Good stuff. Smile

Leather & Lace- Tender Heart
Cover Girls- Because Of You
Dhar Braxton- Jump Back (Set Me Free)
Sa-Fire- Let Me Be The One
Shannon- Give Me Tonight
Janet Jackson- When I Think Of You
C-Bank- I Won't Stop Loving You
Solid- Loving You
Information Society- Running
Fascination- Don't You Think It's Time
Fascination- Why You Wanna Go
Latin Rascals- Macho Mozart
Leather & Lace- Let Your Body Go
& More- You'll Never Find Another Love
Cynthia- Change On Me
Noel- Silent Morning
MKG- Tear Shed
Lisette Melendez- Together Forever
TKA- One Way Love
Judy Torres- No Reason To Cry
Cover Girls- Show Me
Nocera- Summertime, Summertime
La Girls- No More, No More
Bad Boy Orchestra- Do You Wanna Dance
Midnight Fantasy- Come Back To Me
Judy Torres- Come Into My Arms
Stevie B- Spring Love
Expose'- Point Of No Return

I've raved about Abra elsewhere.. who produces a lot of her own tunes. If Abra did a freestyle mixtape.. I'd shit myself.  

I can dream.  

Definitely, a current example of DOPE freestyle productions for 2017. I'm all about it. So dope. Xyxthumbs



Of course, early Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee freestyle tunes

As dj's themselves, you can see how easily it would have been to turn NYC hiphip & freestyle kids onto early break beat techno & hardcore in the clubs.


(28th April 2017, 05:19)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: Of course, early Frankie Bones & Lenny Dee freestyle tunes

As dj's themselves, you can see how easily it would have been to turn NYC hiphip & freestyle kids onto early break beat techno & hardcore in the clubs.  

Thanks for some weeknd listeneing

^^ yes yes Smile

Seriously.. ABRA all day, vocals & production. \m/   



The aesthetic is entirely there. Completely. I love the fact that she largely creates her own beats to flex.


Omar Santana. NYC hardcore techno, gabber clearly has 80's freestyle roots.

Good shit.

.."Thought to be lost forever, I discovered an actual high quality MA-XG TDK cassette I recorded from Omar's original Master Ampex Reel which was made in the early months of 1984, exactly 30 years ago today. Multiple Editing was an integral part of 80's Dance Music and even though it was The Latin Rascals who made splicing tape popular in the early 80's, it was Omar Santana who took editing to another level which was never duplicated by anyone. And this mix is the proof.

I spent most of my weekends in Omar's lab in Hollis, Queens in 1984 and we figured out the formula for tape moving at 15 inches per second X 120 BPM's = 7.5 inches per beat. With this formula, splicing tape became an art, everything was in perfect time and kicks could be replaced by snares and repeated in machine gun fashion.

This is Electronic Dance Music being created in the beginning when technology was at it's birth.."
- Frankie Bones

Includes the following tracks:

IMS - "Nonline"
Man Parrish- "Hip Hop Be Bop"
Soulsonic Force- "Looking For The Perfct Beat"
C Bank- "One More Shot"
Grandmaster Flash- "White Lines"
Rockers Revenge- "Walking On Sunshine"
C.O.D. - "Uphill (Piece Of Mind)"
Alisha- "All Night Passion"
New Order- "Confusion"
Chic- "Good Times"
Time Zone- "The Wild Style"
Newcleus- "Jam On It"
Wide Boy Awake- "Slang Teacher"
Shannon- "Give Me Tonight"
Kasso- "Key West"
Harold Faltermeyer- "Axel F"
Yaz- "Situation"
Hashim - "Al Naafiysh"
Awesome Foursome- "Funky Soul Makossa"
Modern Romance- "Can You Move"
MBO Connection- "Dirty Talk"
Cybotron- "Clear"
Yaz- "Don't Go"
Lime- "Angel Eyes"
Two Sisters- "High Noon"
Edwin Starr- "Contact"
Erotic Drum Band- "Action '78"
ESG- "Moody"
Divine- "Native Love"
New Order- "Blue Monday"
Donna Summer- "I Feel Love"
Bobby O- "She Has A Way"
D Train- "Music"
B Beat Girls- "For The Same Man"
Rockers Revenge- "The Harder They Come"
Divine- "Shoot Your Shot"
Two Sisters- "Destiny"
Kraftwerk-"Tour De France"
Twilight 22- "Electric Kingdom"
Among others...


Omar Santana freestyle showcase mix, chat & tribute.


The evolution of Omar Santana freestyle to hardcore breaks, so good. 

Suzy Swan- Can't Take These Lies (DUB MIX & BONUS) - 1987 Midnight Sun Records.
Producer, Mixed By, Arranged By -- Frankie Bones, Omar Santana, Tommy Musto
Edited By [Master Edits] -- O-O-O Omar Santana


India joints, featuring Mantronix "Right From The Start"

Louis Vega "The Lover Who Rocks You (All Night)" "Dancing On The Fire"  



Call it what you want, pitch some of the tunes up, I'd drop em in a freestyle-ish mix    Smile



Newcleus - Jam On Revenge lp, 1984

A1. 00:00 Computer Age (Push The Button)
A2. 07:39 Auto-Man
A3. 13:20 I'm Not A Robot
A4. 18:08 Destination Earth (1999)

B1. 23:14 Jam On Revenge (Re-Mix)
B2. 29:50 Jam On It
B3. 36:19 Where's The Beat
B4. 41:48 No More Runnin'

Sir Todd Terry still producing more recent freestyle beats over the past few years for the fans.

from ground zero to now.. bigs sir Terry!


o.g. Todd Terry freestyle bangers    Xyxthumbs


Aldo & Amado Marin - Cutting Records, NYC  

1983 to now..   pushing out recent freestyle, latin sounds, house tunes of various stripes & more 




WKTU - Paco`s Supermix - Aldo Marin 1983

Herbie Hancock - Rock It
Yazoo - Situation
Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
Cybotron - Clear
Hot Streak - Body Work
Shannon - Let The Music Play
Various Samples
Art of Noise - Beat box


Tons of great mixtapes on dj Make's youtube channel.  Chicago roots, rare mixtapes, all things freestyle from 80's onwards, latin sounds, juke, hard house freestyle mixes, o.g. house... and more.  

Freestyle vocals over Plastikman "Spastik" @ 5:36 mins in this dj Raymo mix...  yes please! 

4 Sounds 2 Pound (Guess Mix) - Dj Raymo 90's Chicago House Latin Freestyle Mix Wbmx B96


Ghetto Heartpounding - Madam Mixx Freestyle & Hard House Mix Chicago Style Ghetto




Frankie Bones posting previews of the forthcoming "30 Years of Bones Breaks, 1988 - 2018" project on his youtube channel.




Sir Bones doing it again.    Smile

Beltram, classic freestyle vocal blend. 


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