RADIO FTAL FTEL FTCL Round-up June 2017

FTAL, FTEL, FTCL (explanations of the acronyms at by inputting these terms in the search engine) records round-up, June 11th 2017. By Muttley.

Ez, hey, wassup all readers, fans, acolytes (don't set fire to my sofa!). Thought I'd do a little SV Recommends compendium, because I've been saving ravenously to spend on therapeutic gold as ever.

Here are my CDs bought from Rapture, Witney, Oxon UK In the last 6 months.

M83 - Junk
Ministry Of Sound - The Chillout Session 2CD Mix
This Is Chill 2CD Mix - Various Artists
Warpaint - Heads Up
Cigarettes After Sex - S/T
Slow Club - One Day All Of This Won't Matter Any More
Goldfrapp - Silver Eye / We Are Glitter (Import)
Ministry Of Sound - Oldschool Anthems 3CD
Xiu Xiu - Forget
Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - Trance Friendz / Loon OST
Mala - Mala In Cuba

Generally all good stuff, well written and interesting. The Goldfrapp material is some of the strongest stuff I've heard from Alison and Will. The MOS CDs are welcome additions, full of classic proper electronica. Mala is cool. The real winners for me though are the art rock of Xiu Xiu, M83 French synthpop, and the very Slowdive-y Cigarettes After Sex. Slow Club's newest does not touch "Complete Surrender" personally, and the Nils Frahm collab is kinda stilted, but I love them all. Go and explore will you.

Mike xoxo

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Eusebeia - Exit Trappings EP
In stores now

West Country newcomer Eusebeia makes his vinyl debut on Repertoire with the four track "Exit Trappings EP".

With releases already on Eternia Music, Omni Music and Loxy's CX digital, Eusebeia blurs the lines between atmospheric soundscapes and experimental 160, but always with a hefty dose of dubbed-out nostalgia.

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Repertoire news
REPRV016 see's Ricky Force return to Repertoire once again with the mercurial "Everything / Special".
Release 17 will welcome Estonia's Thing to the Repertoire stable with a four track EP.
Ben Repertoire makes his production debut alongside Soul Intent on the brutal "Cypher". Out now on Lossless Recordings.
In the next couple of months Law & Kola Nut will see their first vinyl appearances as duo. Lookout for "One Tune / Project GAMMA" on the Silent Force imprint, followed by "Detection / Out of Fokus" on atmospheric sister label Sonic Force.
Also in a couple of months, an EP by Law & Wheeler on Next Phase Recordings.
A Law solo jungle track forthcoming on Supercharger.

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A new name for you: Agnarkea.

Pronounced "Anarchy"

According to Bandcamp, at least hypothetically, these LP tracks were left on the cutting room floor during "Mezzanine" by Massive Attack.

It might be welcome here, it might not, I'm not worried at all as ever. Listening to a great mix by Graham Wootton on Trance Energy (works on Alexa). The second track is a mix of "Born Slippy" by Underworld. Most of the music here occupies a drag racer style speed, like playing Extreme G on old console emulators. It's actually interesting Goa style music, very heavy but not forced, and raw in a hard tech way like Atomhead. I don't find it tedious in small doses, but I wouldn't want to listen to this stuff constantly maybe. Then, it's possible lots of listeners feel similar about drone music. So I've decided to overlay Drone Zone on Trance Energy as two different streams from two sources, in one lounge.

FTCL Mix 002 - Call For Family - Dedicated To Andrew Weatherall

Now you just have to try and find it.

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