NEWS boxing: muttley's short on audley harrison

hello subverts
if any of you are also martial arts fans you might like to know i wrote a think piece on mr a force yesterday morning.

comments appreciated. Xyxthumbs

I don't follow boxing, but I have an appropriate smiley...



Its always been the case for the boxer be coming the fighter. Because fighting is technical, technology beats science like paper beats rock. The scissors is the knockout.

Do you watch martial arts at all, Statto? Lennox Lewis, British world champion based in Canada compared boxing to chess back in the day. I prefer fights to boring sportsmanship, naturally I trained from before age 13 in kickboxing when my sis introduced me to karate.

nope to martial arts, not even at the Olympics
but I knew Lennox Lewis plays chess Smile

Boxing News is a nice publication; well-balanced and supportive.

Find martial arts dissemination at which is my trusted source for the sport.

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