MMA: mixed martial arts. Covers boxing, kick boxing, thai boxing (kickboxing with knees and elbows), mma category either mma or ufc(grappling), wing chun (aka kung fu). Plus Shotokan karate, basic combined self defence, tae kwondo and cardio.

I have trained all of these into myself over the course of the last 30 years. Boxing is the best for me, but my fave is MMA. Whatcha into?

I watch fights and train every day. It's my life besides my woman. The fighting spirit. The sweet science! Music is just the sound track.
I don't use my previous training on anyone else though. I'm retired and am respectful of everyone and everything I come across. Unlike some.
If I'm in a class I participate in the sparring sessions to help train others who are becoming fighters and those really fighting fit needing a push.

Just watched a first class TKO in the first round of a RU-held PPV YouTube fight with Batran Agnea being declared the winner. Very good.
I'm sure there's some boxing pugilists in the woodwork on here. My favourite boxers are Lewis, Haye and Ali. I also love Eubank, Froch and Pacquiao...just a few of my enduring greats. With the exception of Haye, who jokes and trash talks, they're auteurs of good sportsmanship too.

A forum you can take it easy for all this time is www.sherdog.com. I last visited there 15 years ago.

how NOT to do mma (this gives credence to the idea the mind is on drugs, or at least there's something in the water)



just not possible by human measures of countenance! it's completely insane.

I have only drunk water black coffee and two cans of cloudy lemonade. and you know I don't smoke.

mindless violence should never be so funny, but this had me in stitches. Hahaha

THE best way you can deal with me, online or offline - this seems an appropriate thread as conflicts are an integer of martial arts, and i'm against mindless violence - is to remember i am partially backwards oriented. I am not intellectually backwards, or have a disorder besides keystone schizo-affective disorder, but i can see through everyone i meet, even if that is just a paranoid solution that only i agree with to justify. So to get along with me, you need to be true to your word. If you have that, and don't endlessly lie, I'll like you. Hell that's how I found my soulmate who to some others is a stick in the dirt...she's never been like that to me. I wish people were less unkind and didn't talk shit so much.  


I will not regret sharing this to Statto, because I trust him and Annastay.

My last/retirement fight was a big milestone, 13 years ago on 16th May 2004, 3rd on the bill at The Casino Rooms, Rochester, Kent, UK, where I fought internationally against a Norway gym opponent named Wim Austgulen (translates into English as Win Watchmen).


On this link you can watch the fight, three 1.5 minute rounds of full power kickboxing, which later became MMA, or download to your phones and devices.

Interesting things happened here. A home town fight for me, I don't regret anything about it - I trained the hardest ever, with weighted Everlast 32oz gloves for bagwork and padwork, enjoyed my running and sprints, and weighed in at a loss for this fight - 70.2 kilos to 72 for Wim, who was a naturally heavier fighter at the time. I lost on points - my excuse was I had fever; a bad cold.

Things may be a lot different now, because beginning 2016 I went up to about 20 stone - this fight was 72kg, which is 10.5 stone; in those days middleweight. I was 16 by two months. Wim was 15.

We slugged it out, and in the closing seconds of the second round, I got caught with a big right hand - a Superman punch as it is called in MMA, where one leg comes off the floor to thrust the arm forward. I blocked an offence, looked above me into the UV light of the unit above - and it displaced my assemblage point - what I later read about in Carlos Castenada's "The Art Of Dreaming" paperback.

I lost all power in my arms and legs. I never went down in the fight, but my resistance was broken, and on my scorecard, after winning the first two rounds, I thought the fight was a draw. I thought I hadn't done enough to win it. It was a points loss on my record of 3 major professional fights, with headguards, because I was a Junior, and those things make getting hit twice as hard impact-wise. I am not brain-damaged, but fighting could have created my schizoid behaviour of my twenties. Now closing out my twenties at 29.7 years old, I am fully retired from the sport, except for what I mentioned above - domestic training, not world level.

I contacted my old trainer and gym (TKO, formerly Medway and Maidstone) on FaceBook and while they have shown a website with people still running the gym since I went away, I received no reply. I left that gym on my 18th birthday. They wanted me to continue. I wanted to, but money - as it was back then, not just time - was as tight as anything. Didn't want to put my family through it.

I'll never forget the times we had together.

I've trained JKD, Muay Thai, Sambo and Judo over the years.  Now a days I only do mountain based sports, but still watch quite a bit of MMA and kick boxing.  

I can't watch the dropbox link you posted, it's not public or something. Massive props for getting in the ring!

thanks, it's hard to watch if I've articulated something loser fighters can feel, that being their power, their core strength
boxing tonite, looking fwd to it, hopefully do some bag cardio because I want to smash energy out of myself quite a lot today
lots of fun, will work on my unorthodox stance and put more effort in, actually show i'm not just airy fairying around for nothing
picking up a couple of tickets for the local witney boxing/kick boxing fight knight 5 on 7th October, my dad wants to go with me too
my sister was always a better fighter than me, who is not shown, she always put at least 100 per cent extra effort in where I coasted
part of my style Is to conserve energy and box at range, I quit fighting originally because I don't actually like hurting people at all
some might say i'm in the wrong sport, and there are lots of troubled people in contact sport, but that's also the fascination I have
if I were to ever fight again, I would have to be sure I was doing it for the right reasons, not just another piece of memorabilia...

This is not the full leaked sparring of Conor McGregor and Paulie Malignaggi  - I watched that last month before the mass hyping - but gives a good indication that despite the deadpan Boxing News pugilism, Conor McGregor has a dirty boxer's chance at least. I'd bet a fiver on him winning it, but I'd like him to lose because he's a Dublin gobshite. Nothing against Irishmen of their country - I just really can't stand him, his voice, his machoisations, his brutalising bullying of the whole sport to devote time to him instead of the peaceful non MTV side of MMA.


Another thing worth pointing out Is Malignaggi would be no match for Mayweather even in his prime.

Kickboxing sesh and wash tonight was great but I'll be honest it wasn't good when I downward hooked my thumb straight into one of the pads. Best I rest up tomorrow as it'll take time to heal.


Respect earned.

Wobble back in to UFC ring rookie defender

Had a magical time at the club tonight mate. Shame about the schizoid effect. Everything ok otherw use. 
Nice to see mutual reaspect between kickboxing and boxing.

In boxing, Miguel Cotto produced a masterclass against the over-matched Kamegai. Totally outclassed, outpunched.

Also on YouTube.

Despite not liking McGregor (the white guy) very much, I think he was harshly alienated by the boxing world for being alien to them, "not one of us", "a bit different", you know, the usual sheeple story. People forget that McGregor was originally an amateur boxer, and karate was one of the oldest martial arts, long before boxing was sanctioned in square rings. Way of the Samurai and all.

But in the end, it's a Twitter car crash story. In my mind McGregor finished Mayweather in the first round.

But of course, whatever happened in the actual fight is bound to cause refractory contention.

The point is fights like these are good. They extemporise the background of a fighter, who more often than not has worked in different disciplines. Boxers and only boxers only get offended by mixed martial arts training If they see someone as a threat. Surely if the boxer is that good, in Mayweather's case, he shouldn't need to worry? But that is irrelevant too. We need to break down the walls between disciplines and accept that mixed martial arts is what contact sport with hands and feet is, if used in fighting context.

I'm watching the closing seconds of a quality showing (11th straight victory) by Nathan Gorman (stoppage) on the Liam Smith Vs Liam Williams bill on BoxNation. They just mentioned he holds his own with Dubois and Joe Joyce. He also is reported to fancy a pro match with Dubois. That is sounding like a lot of fun for the division. I think they're both game.

Last night I watched Rahman and Lewis KO each other back to back, then Evander Holyfield create a massive lump in Hasim's head with an unintentional clash of heads. Holyfield won that match on the scorecards. "The Rock" Rahman did well, but he only really has a jab and a right hand as the pure power punches in his arsenal. As we know Evander is much more experienced as it is.

I've also been watching lots of UFC and amateur kick boxing. Advertised on the bill I'm watching now is Dustin Poirier vs Anthony Pettis at middleweight.

Kelvin Gastellum 1 round destruction of Michael Bisping who I also highly rate is a recent highlight for the Ultimate Fighting Championship franchise in the chiding wake of Geneticore muscle boosters which caused chairman Dana White to ban McGregor from entering the octagon again.

I was tuned into HBO PPV on Warren's BoxNation channel this afternoon 25th November. After a repeat of superstar Vasyl Lomachenko's latest stoppage, I saw two more worthy stoppages, one in a match between promising heavyweights Michael Hunter, and Alexander Usyk, who is also in the WBA top 15 of the division. Scrappy entertainment.

I'm not a long term fan of Tyson Luke Fury, but this top of page newest ifl interview with him hits the spot.


If anything it shows the fluidity of a fellow boxer's brain who's also been hit too many times. The opinion changes like water with the circumstances.

This may attest to the accusations of homophobia, racism and drugs cheating - a shady past - Tyson has procreated. He says he's none of 'em.

Who are we to accuse him?

Edit: it is interesting to think that as the lineal (still) champion who had all his undisputed reign belts taken away from him like Ali over a scandal, that Tyson Fury really does remain the man to beat scientifically if any other heavyweight wants to be said to compete with the real elite.

He said in this interview, and as we know since summer, that he's lost 3 stone - a lot of weight, he was 27, and is now 24. Put it in perspective; the only heavyweight taller than him in history of boxing is Russian Nikolai Valuev (7 foot 2) who beat David Haye on points. Tyson Fury is a big 6 foot 9 inches tall - unnormally tall, he dwarfs me and Haye (I'm only 6 foot 4).

Speaking of height, the solemn insights provided by Fury in this interview suggest he has respect for the semi-likeable Tony Bellew further into it.

I hope Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder agree on a 50 50 split of their fight purse. They've made more than enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Hey Muttley. I train Japanese Jiu-jitsu, BJJ, and Kickboxing Wave

Hi Ben, nice to hear from you on the forum again.

The last time I formally trained in Windrush WKBA was the week before Xmas.

Sadly I've partly lost the inspiration to go back. Ed Aug 2018 and I went back proper 8 months later after lots of my mental energy absorbed in working imaginarily.

I am not still sure what it is with I. I think the common problem is I feel I have to be "revved, ripped, raring to go" to travel, when really driving the bus is no problem, as it's done for me, I just want a place for my old bones to socialise and make new friends.