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Thread Contributor: SpectrazBandcamp: Drum 'N' Bass & other music recommendations

(13th November 2017, 17:15)firefinga Wrote:

DJ Monita has revived Skeleton recordings 20 or so years after it's first incarnation and has since released some heavy tunes by peeps who are not unknown to this forum like Tim Reaper or ricky Force


I actually contacted Skeleton Recordings yesterday and asked them for a biography on Ricky Force. I added a short text snippet + two new pictures to Ricky's profile thanks to Skeleton Rec. The email contained the press release for SKELR10.

I have been excited about discovering music again ever since I chose to come back to Subvert Central.

When it comes to music I have always been willing to look for the more obscure and hidden gems of different genres, but I have made the greatest discoveries thanks to other people. The Subvert Central crew has always come through and provided unique tips and recommendations, and I am thrilled to be back on the board. Now with the combination of Bandcamp and, I can really get into some genres, and labels, I have not followed before.

It is not my intention to take up space on the board and bore people with my posts, however, I feel that a disclaimer is in order if some of you do feel that. I feel inspired again and have an urge to both listen and create, and by discovering new music again I can take small steps towards perhaps making music in the future. I feel a need to write about the music and discuss music with other people, because I learn more about the craft. With that said, I post an update of how my personal mission is progessing.

Bandcamp is convenient, and a lot of good musicians and producers do have accounts there. It makes it easy to buy entire catalogs, and to preview the music. Bandcamp, Beatport and Boomkat etc. makes it fun to be a digital collector (I haven't been buying vinyl in years due to lack of space for my interest  Icon_sad  )

Here is what I have uncovered, rediscovered, and remembered for myself so far. It is not an all inclusive list, and I haven't added some of the labels either because some of them are currently only selling vinyl, or I haven't had the time to listen their releases:



Inperspective Records
- All releases are now in my collection. Big up Chris!

Next Phase Records
- Next Phase was a new label for me, and I really enjoyed the Wound Up Beat Tapes. I'm looking forward for the new relases.

Subvert Central Recordings -
I did not buy the compilation releases when they came out. I don't know why, but now I can play all the tunes from that time, even though the purchase felt like a robbery. Sorry Statto! Oops

Covert Operations
- I can recall the days when the label didn't exist, and I emailed with ASC and other producers back and forth. A time before a lot of producers weren't known. This label's releases will end up in my collection over time.

Subtle Audio
- Thanks to Bandcamp, I can now buy the entire catalog as well as tell Code himself about it! I can support the label and have the convenience of have the entire catalog on rotation when I listen to music at home.

Scientific Wax
- Big up Marlon! I'll support the label with purchases within the forthcoming months.

Counter Intelligence
- I will be able to support this label by buying the catalog thanks to Bandcamp. This label also has the appeal of having the entire digital collection.

Secret Operations
- Nuff' said. Big up Seba. Now I can purchase almost the entire Sec Ops catalog, because I did not have the opportunity to buy the vinyl releases after the foundational years.

Arctic Music
, Outsider Music, Esoteric Music & Paradox Music - Big up Dev. It is a shame that all releases aren't avalable digitally, yet I still have the opportunity to pick up a lot of releases that I have missed the first time around.

Bassin / Breakin'
- Where's the Bandcamp page? can someone contact Rohan and Naphta? I'll promote a Bassbin page anyday.

Warm Communications
- This label should also be up at Bandcamp. Where's Heath? I tried to contact them without a reply. Someone should bother him until it is featured at Bandcamp.

Reinforced Records
- Hopefully they'll add releases from the back catalog in the near future. One of the big foundational labels in the UK.

Creative Wax Recordings
- One of the labels I followed during the late nineties, and moved the sound in a new direction.

Omni music - Where did this label come from? Chris Wright and his label has been utterly productive and I didn't even know it existed. Oops It will be a pleasure and a privilege dig up gems here, and apparently, there are a lot of them.

Pinecone Moonshine - This is another label that I have missed. I will get into the releases during the forthcoming year or so.

Cadence Recordings - The label is not on Bandcamp yet, although they should be. This label was one among many that I followed, alongside for example Partisan. I don't remember if I have contacted them and asked if they want to make the catalog available at Bandcamp. If someone knows them, please send an email, or let me send them an email with a request.

Synaptic Plastic
- A part of the SC family of labels, and for me a must have catalog. 0=0 has a fan account at Bandcamp.


Droppin' Science


Blu Mar Ten
- I have slept on their more recent releases on their label.
Bay B Kane
Bizzy B
Soul Delay - I definitely want to support music like Soul Delay's album from 2012 (if I am not mistaken)
Om Unit - I had not clue he existed and I need to get a sense of which releases that I like. He seems to move with ease between different genres. Is he classically schooled?
Moresounds - I haven't heard his work before.
Thing - I haven't heard his work before.
Martian man - Both Martian Man and Rumbleton seems to produce music that I like. I'll support their work for sure.
Tim Reaper
Aural Imbalance - I followed them during the nineties and I need to check out their more recent work.

Leon Switch
Mark Force
Marc Mac
Kid Lib
Soul Intent
Double O
Method One
Sonar's Ghost
Nu Era
Foci's Left




- ASC has been highly productive in recent years!
Grey Area
Northern Electronics
- Apparently there are several well known and established ambient techno / drone labels around the area of Sweden where I live, and I didn't have a clue. I will have a look at the works from Acronym, Korridor, Varg and Abdulla Rashim. This made me think about ambient, which lead me to target these producers for future reference:

Ambient (Producers)
Murcof, Oren Ambarchi, Loscil, Peter Broderick, Fennesz, Julianna Barwick, Windy & Carl, Biosphere, Harold Budd, Eluvium, Huerco S., Bing & Ruth, William Basinski, Stars of the Lid, Oval, Oneohtrix Point Never, The Orb, GAS, Tim Hecker, Deathprod, Brian Eno, Ben Frost, Grouper, Ernest Hood, Pauline Oliveros, Daphne Oram, R. Sakamoto, Suzanne Ciani, etc. I wrote a list of some of the critical works from the artists mentioned here. I also dove into the ambient works of Aphex Twin, which I already were aware of.

Blackest Ever Black


Echospace - I will buy the entire catalog some day. Which labels artists sound like them but are yet to be featured on Echospace? Labels and artists that feature electronic music, synths and analog hardware that make dreamy, cosmic and ambient soundscapes are of interest for me. I like the soundscapes and experiments with analogue gear.


Skudge Records


Brightest Dark Place
Microfunk Music

(14th November 2017, 13:34)Spectraz Wrote: Subvert Central Recordings - I did not buy the compilation releases when they came out. I don't know why, but now I can play all the tunes from that time, even though the purchase felt like a robbery. Sorry Statto! Oops


Spectraz, you can find Cadence Recordings discography on their website
All releases in digital form can be bought there, as well as recent CD release of Rainforest LP.

Seeing you're also interested in ambient, I'd recommed you to check 36's bandcamp:

(15th November 2017, 11:43)Dinsdale Wrote: Spectraz, you can find Cadence Recordings discography on their website
All releases in digital form can be bought there, as well as recent CD release of Rainforest LP.

Seeing you're also interested in ambient, I'd recommed you to check 36's bandcamp:

36's music sounds fantastic at first glance. Thank you Dinsdale! I contacted 36 concerning what gear he uses. What do you reckon he is using? All digital stuff or does he have some Workstation, analogue / hardware / synths etc?

I knew that the Cadence releases could be found at, however, it would be good if they were up at Bandcamp as well. If you purchase their releases it will be visible for other users as well.


Love the newest release by Kodama

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