MIX SV Recommends Muttley - Halloween Special


Muttley Halloween Special

An unspooling of lesser known tracks, tracks at different speeds than originally intended, by Muttley SubVersion, aka Foci Left, ambient protege. Generally about 156-158bpm in the dnb opening section, which means the 2003 dnb has been slowed to hardcore speed, Muttley weaves through moods and lets tracks play out to the point of pure laziness, like the fact that all the dnb is from a mix CD he loves, just dubbed over with piano from the Important Records label and re-pitched. Later on in the mix familiar downtempo names like Moby, Dido, Bat For Lashes and Eva Cassidy play out in minimally collaged CD
between CD mixing, making this mix a spooky party accompaniment as any. Muttley just had some family celebrations with a garden bonfire and chargrilled marshmellows, meeting up with his power five again. This mix was an early demon cleanser.
He hopes you enjoy it ~ words by Andy Popin.

#nowplaying Debussy - Clair De Lune

The "original" ambient master.

I'm downloading the mix Muttley. Why don't you use id tags?

Oh i use them sometimes, i used to perhaps overuse them in the dastardly diaries (www.muttley.kapsil.net). Its just sometimes i forget in error, as i like id tags. I am trying.

Thanks for the interest Spectraz...not your usual collage mix.

i'll give this a bump for those who may have missed.

figuratively there could be over 80 listeners by the 89 clicks to replies ratio.

the dnb compilation I bougut then was "Pure Drum & Bass" - a cadmium/light blue coloured record you can find on Discogs. When I was fighting at casinos in kickboxing, for my second fight the DJ nicked the CD - the bastard! So I had to buy another one...eventually.

i played the first disc through with editing and repitching up to London Elektricity - Cum Dancing.
"Game Is Over" by DJ Dazee and Shales is one of my favourite 2-step dnb tunes.

this is pretty good Twothumbs

Thank you Smile just a freestyle

100 views hearmebob!

Now over two million eight thousand listeners Hahaha

I love you all!


Yeah, that's a good feeling.
Very nice compliment.
Don't forget everyone, I have much more like this. Just check my thread signature.
Speaking of signature, the Signature label boss Calibre has a new album out at the record shop; I should investigate that soon enough.
Lots of lazy liquid funk is lazy 2-step or rolling skippy stuff, but he (Dominic) does the best of that area without self-parody.


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