MIX Muttley Back To Mine November 2K17 - The Path Of The Optimist

Lots of work on this, lots of work. Glueing and reshaping tracks, delaying tracks, comb-filtering tracks...you name it!

01. Macc & Fracture - Murphy [delay mix] (13Music 12' 2004)
02. Alexander Thomas - Pewter Flecks (Helium CDR 2008]
03. SKC & Dis - Sacrifice [half master, half comb filter mix] (OBSEssions 12' 2005)
04. Marina & The Diamonds - Fear And Loathing (Electra Heart CD 2012)
05. Photek & Teebee - Mercury (Subtitles 12' 2005)
06. Broken Library - Cadillac [reverb mix] (Jigsaw CD 2016)
07. Burial - Dog Shelter (Untrue LP Hyperdub 2007)
08. Bjork - All Is Full Of Love (comb filter mix 2017)
09. Dom & Roland - Prisms (31 Records 1996)
10. Format Zero - Optic (Bio-Shield 12' 2005)
11. Resonant Evil - Violater (Dubplate 2005)
12. Helios - Soft Collared Neck (Type 2007)
13. Cartridge - Another Way (Free download 2008]
14. A-Sides & Calibre - People Of Tomorrow (Eastside 2004)
15. Goldie - You And Me [time-stretched downtempo mix] (Timeless Metalheadz CD 1994)
16. Pilote - Kratez (Subvert Central Digital free download - http://www.subvertcentral.com - 2006)

Recorded at 85.8 BPM in Mixcraft Studio 6 at Squatch Lair Studios, Oxon, UK. 
Find more muttley mixes  at http://www.muttley.kapsil.net and http://www.soundcloud.com/subversion-2
Anyone want a download or at least to listen? Smile
Lots of love xxx
Hugs Dance Hugs

MixCloud would not accept this as an upload, because it is more mash-up/full album than podcast or DJ show.
So I have uploaded it to my Dropbox.
Here's the link breadest of thee binzzzz


Please do comment, I made this for everyone else after all. I don't do it for my own benefit. I am constantly disappointed in myself. I need to be a better person. I want to be a less negative person.


Huggles hits the spot, doesn't it. MMM HMMM.

I think this mix is pretty good. Lot of evolution, tried to curb that before it got out of hand, tried to keep signposting a general modal direction.

Although I could say this was perhaps too easy to collage together, I don't always have my moments. Mixes have been drastically reduced in volume lately.

Most of this music you won't find played out anywhere else.

Listening now. Currently up to eight minutes and it's fucking great so far.



I think you would appreciate the Subtitles 12.

The "Sacrifice" collab is one of my secret weapons from 2005

Just finishing up with Pilote now.

As you'd expect, I'm not always so keen on the vocal tracks, but it's still the best mix I've heard in ages.


Lovesmilie Lovesmilie Hugs

I dont have all records to hand anymore...theyre from my vinyl recordings i made between 04 and 06...i got the mp3s from the back ups i made.

Boh boom drizzle perfume eat gristle mushrooms and talk bollocks like fumes.

I want someone else to download and feel positive about life.

88 downloads maybe? Let's hope there are positive audience out there willing to give this a patient listen.

I forget that I have a huge audience, and the 15 Minutes Of Fame Mix Series concept was even contributed to by Radio 1's Pete Song of Essential Mix interest. Had over 1 million downloads on the Kapsil.net server in 2006 alone. That must have grown to at maximum one figure trillions by now.

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