Share current obsessions, faves & other interests [podcasts, media, blogs, etc]

What else do you all check out on the regular? No matter the genre - fave podcasts, shows, other media outlets, blogs, outside interests... what is grabbing your attentions?  

I'm obsessed with Hot Ones youtube show.   Great show!   Teef  I first randomly watched the Tom Colicchio episode months back, I've been obsessed ever since. Even when I might not have any interest nor much knowledge of a random Hot Ones interviewee, the interaction & conversation over a hot wing challenge can be fun & rather fascinating. Sean Evans is the dude. 

Humans experience pain, can you keep up?   heh. 


I'm in a not listening to much music at the moment spell, which always take me by surprise. But I did listen to this today:


i'm an rts and mmo strategy game nerd, so i play a lot of world chef, slotomania slot machines, dragon city, pokemon go, command and conquer variants, need for speed, overload vigilante 8 prequel. it's great fun and when i'm bored of that, i go for rts fighting games like rocky 2 and ufc.

the main reason i do this is to take my mind off the fact that i always have enough money to live on, but need to watch my balance because of dwindling savings. the more money that comes in from making art, the harder it is for me to live, ironically, benefits trap, allowances based in short.

i also like to watch films, not the epilepsy inducing or pointlessly bombastic ones though, and definitely not the overtly boring ones, interesting ones.
the crown, narcos, trailer park boys, people just do nothing, family guy and rick and morty spring to mind as key watches from the past year - golden.

^^ cool. Smile My brother is the gamer in my genetic pool, who is also a movie nerd since childhood - he used to host a local movie review radio show in my area, has interviewed various celebs, worked comic conventions, etc. I was more the music equation to our sometimes shared tastes. Bro gave me an assignment this week to watch Star Wars "Force Awakens" - which i've never seen - before he takes me to see the new Star Wars "The Last Jedi" some time this week. I might complete my Star Wars assignment today.

I LOVE FOOD, I literally eat out almost every day. No joke. I've lived like this for years... for a loooong time. so much of my alternate media interests does revolve around food, originally cooking shows on tv as a kid, now via lots of youtube stuff included. I might actually watch mukbang vids on occasion lol.... crazy huh?

Fried Chicken.

I've eaten @ Popeye's Chicken 4 times in the past almost two weeks. SO GOOD imo. Popeye's is a new venture in my area - it can be news headlines when sporadic American fast food chains eventually make their way north to Canada, I've never eaten at Popeye's until this past fall. Good Korean fried chicken... tops still imo. Popeye's is second. One of the 2 local locations in my area is tiny... really busy, it gets rammed in there. We tried to go this past Friday, too packed, no place to sit so we ate elsewhere, this past Saturday, too packed... success last nite! I like the spicy Popeye's chicken of course, could be hotter of course, but great crunch! .

I watch the Food Ranger on youtube - guy from Vancouver, BC, who studied Chinese in university, now lives in China, travels, eats, and films it. Stuff like that. I LOVE a degree of spicy food, so.. its like food porn. lol.


I like aspects of architecture. More recently, some of the current focus on recycling of materials for housing, and the concept of tiny spaces as houses is crazy fascinating sometimes. I stumbled upon Kirsten Dirksen's youtube channel last year, which is all about that. It was a random view, but I was hooked for a bit. I watched tons of her videos last winter. I haven't checked out her more recent posts in past months, but I should do some browsing and catch up.


I just watched Gravity...


and Bruno Tonioli's documentary on the making of Saturday Night Fever...


I listen to a lot of music in my bedroom because it has the easiest and most pliable speaker system.
Interestingly enough, since one of my very old xlrs broke ive changed to working with just one separate.
Both active monitors are although not mono enriched with stereo detail. And i like dampening the gain slightly for best results on i/i/o computer machines sidechain reverb effects. The same as producers using dampening.
The moog walls take care of everything else.

I haven't owned a tv for tv viewing purposes for ... a really long time. Over a decade + actually, maybe even almost 20 years? wow. lol .  I listened to the radio when getting weened off tv, I started djing back then, so attentions & $$ went elsewhere - NOT on a tv bill for example, I bought records, etc., I'm not a gamer, so, with all that I didn't have to own a tv.

My news & convenient entertainment outlets are mainly via the internet.  Thus, podcasts and related broadcasts have always been my go to - music or otherwise.

I watch & listen to a lot of comedian related podcasts. I do watch Joe Rogan's podcast on youtube depending who is on. I do think Joe Rogan is as successful as he is with his podcasts for good reasons, via his variety of guests, subject matter - from comedy to scientists  - and Joe Rogan isn't afraid to get either too drunk on air, nor too high on weed to make an ass of himself (it happens.. lol) in front of the entire internet viewing public. He keeps it real like that.     I want to punch his shiny bald headed face sometimes, but, it is all entertainment. Joe Rogan.. you a a part of my consciousness.

I watch Tigerbelly podcast on youtube - Comedian Bobby Lee & friends.  I was a HUGE David Choe (noted graffiti artist, Vice alumni, general millionaire via spray can art madman, etc)  DVDASA podcast viewer, which the Tigerbelly podcast arose from the demise of DVDASA.  I have since become a fan of porn star, author, & producer Asa Akira's podcast endevours via her time with DVDASA.. and so on.  I got into Joe Rogan's podcast via DVDASA as well, so it is all connected. 

DVDASA was it.


Random find last night.    Hezakya Newz & Music youtube channel.

I like the variety of mainly, vintage US tv news and documentary videos posted on the channel.   Lots to check out.   Random recent clips are posted, but my interest are in the vintage clips as of late.

Kitboga Twitch youtube channel.

QUALITY entertainment!     trolling tech support scammers and the like.   Teef




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