last unheard and unreleased ICR dnb tracks

[Image: a1078705210_16.jpg]

The Nonbeliever 05:28
Crummy 05:25
Polska - Hexplore (ICR remix) 06:12
Spaceman's Solitude (remix) 06:33
The Nonbeliever (dub version) 05:20

It may appear a bit bitter to release a farewell-EP during the holidays with a title about not believing - but this is how just turned out as I felt this closure to my drum & bass period had to happen before starting another year. The Nonbeliever EP features unreleased tracks back from 2008 * originally slated for a release by one of my dearest label boss John @ Counter Intelligence to whom I've very thankful for one of my favourite 12" record I made with, "So Unloved". 

So checking the numbers, it's been exactly ten years in the dnb-business between my debut single in 2003 and my last dnb EP in 2013, having worked with 20+ labels, released 18 vinyls, featured on 15 cd's, having 5 official and another 5 free albums, about 30 tracks as exclusive digital downloads, and putting out 16 releases on my own label. It's been an exciting and busy era (with over 400 tracks produced), which I believe was worth to be part of it and hope this EP won't spoil this feeling for you either! Sending my love out to everyone in this scene who has supported me! Thank you!

hello there Wave


Welcome back Zoltan
A fantastic farewell gift to dnb
Maybe you will return, maybe not
Either way I'll support the listenership
All the best mate

Looing forward to hearing this, respects and thanks for all the beautiful music you have blessed us with Smile

Thank you for the music, and keeping the vibe alive Wave
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Love your stuff. Will be checking
beats are there to be broken

"Crummy" was a great tune way back when.

Very percussive, strong, shifty, just like a gangster dodging out of sight.

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