the caretaker's new album - holy shit

holy  shit indeed. this is a deep deep deep album. the '78 vinyl manipulation is something completely otherworldly. recommended if you like: Beethoven, bach, satie, foxx, budd, eno, library music and soundtracks In general; it's just so effortless, so organic sounding and so terrifyingly unique. I don't know how one would make it apart from magic, it's just that good.

I never mean to cream over music, I always need an element of my satire in critique, but honestly, this is breathtaking.

the subject of the album is the decaying nature of dementia from the beginning to the end. hence there are stages 1-3 in the 38 track deluxe 3cd being pressed at

I find myself transported and my brain floating with thoughts, fluffy images being created like brain spores and stalagmites around the prefrontal area being walked around in a ballroom chamber waltz fashion; just something so 'other' and peppered with those instrumental flourishes of 1930s violin and horns, something very special indeed.

so I am making a proper thread for "everywhere at the end of time" by the caretaker, aka james Leyland Kirby, aka v/vm in the 1990s.

find the album with its lovely oil painting art on the link below...

this is an early birthday present for me! Smile

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