SCI / TECH [Theory] Fractals And Auditory Hallucinations

Hi friends and acquaintances,

Working on a type of think piece on auditory fractals. This simple example:

  • Something playing on the stereo, can be transduced as something else.
Filling this out: it's understanding auditory hallucination. It does help that my "out of it / drunk 24/7" state does lend me a certain cloudiness. Importantly though, anyone can listen to a tune on someone else's stereo and think "hang on, x sounds like y". "Then z, maybe", after they've assessed the gap between reason and logic.

Since the concept of perception is logic and reasoning based anyway, and each person has more of one reptilian brain variable than the other, the monkey-brain and neocortex are responsible for y and z decisions. That for one is simply because the amygdala reptilian brain processes things first, then the two smaller brains within the brain come up with other options. Plus other three-brained options. And so on and so on.
  • Depends on amount of possible timbres, pitches, and algorithms possible at any 1-2 bar interval.
1 bar, 2 bar. Space between takes in all of these certain typesets in music. The timbre is the type and quality if sound. The pitch is its melodic consonance and key. The algorithm is the particular processing of sounds.
  • Losing data (lossy Mp3s?) can transduce the idea that something is not quite normal.
Personally it's one of the most intriguing notions in music today - generation and regeneration in digital files whatever the format (CD, vinyl, Mp3, FLAC, et al)...machine code being manipulated.
  • Also the repeat function (fn) on music players changes the tone sometimes.
  • Whatever the musical content, the idea of lateral (mapping) thinking onto another thing is relevant.
  • It’s related to cross-examination in law, but importantly the point of it is to uncover deeper facts.
  • Conclusively I do not need to listen to a huge amount of “surface different” music to get a good fill.
  • This type of thinking could be argued to have stabilised the music industry of “tried and tested” method.

Argh it's all blacked out. Well it is my copyright. But seriously, if you want to read the full thing without spekkos (glasses), just visit:

My meds are working. Because I conclude that music is music. No worries no need to overcomplicate the concept. Music is music. Magic is magic. A spade is a spade.

(2nd February 2018, 16:59)Muttley Wrote: Argh it's all blacked out.


Stizzle with the magic wand. Hugs

What about the human need to listen music, or to facilitate that process by enveloping the consciousness in sound for brief emotional / spiritual response?  like a drug almost?   As a part of the auditory hallucination as you mentioned.  A need and practice before industry appeared.  

a bell chime, or human chant even.. breathing patterns even, throat singing, etc as meditation meeting an emotional, psychological response.     Chin In a way, the human condition is based upon utilizing that specific sense to progress an emotional, even intellectual (??) response as security, no matter how brief. Ya know?

Yes. A lot of sense spoken mate.

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