RELEASE Hustled Soul - Lurkers LP (2003 Unreleased)

Dear all
Ive been cleaning house and came across this - a sequence of ambient variations I had softened myself to at the age of 15. Who wants to hear ?
Did you get 15 year old idm producers at the turn of the millenium? Why certainly, 15 years ago I was one of the many who invested in a dv247 desktop made of ordered spares. 
Once I'd built my PC at 15, after gravitating from my parents Time computer downstairs for edits, i quickly learned Cubase SX3 and this, a 52 minute loopy collection, was the first album I ever finished under any name - Hustled Soul was the first name I put on a project, while "Lurkers" was the first ever vignette (2min 4s) that I finished, the first week I had set my gear up and got chance to work on something else than my Gcses! 
Let me know if you'r at least interested. If so I'll try and get a Zip uploaded in my Dropbox folder. X

Hi all,
48 views might be replies extending reality on the meds I'm taking. So, for all your attention, I will upload "Lurkers LP". But first as a Subvert-only ting, extending the original thought of using it to promote mine Lata's Statto's and Khal's (at least) contributions to SubVersion -
DON'T pay me for this stuff - just keep me informed with what you're doing. Add mbucki07 at Hotmail dot co dot uk to your newsletters (edited) bulk email.
In life, we - the collective we - have been lurkers of each other for billions of years. However, it only comes down to two spirits to spark a world. The Dreaming Emissary, and The Tenant.

OK, all sorted. Have fun.

This sounds like it's been edited since back then, either that or I was way ahead of my own time. Sounds really complete, film soundtrack, all in one.

Hey, they should make another film called "Lurkers" and use this stuff. :P Wait...that was a film about artificial intelligence I saw when I was 12...maybe this LP is older.

I think I actually bought my dv247 PC when I was 11. Feck knows how I did that.

Nah this came out when I was 15. I had wedge from work to pay for my first own workstation., which I still access remotely every day today; also an Asus chip.

Comments appreciated. Cheers!

Helping myself here...

YouTube - Soothing Relaxation Channel
918k subscribers
A peaceful loop every day when i need to rest

Somewhat vain, needs affection, craves thirties dilemma and pinnacle.
How this relates to wanting feedback on this music if you like it...well you fill in the blanks.

I appreciate people being lenient and patient with I, especially when I have been known to be a bit of a keyboard warrior troll/sociopath/nutter. However, that is just schizophrenia. I am constantly modifying my behaviour to be a better person, every trauma I experience every day is a building block to change pain for gain, and meet good people.

Everyone I've met from this forum who has ever been involved in any of my projects, has been a non-shady brain, an anti-psychopath. Psychos are the worst types of people. And I do not want to be lumped in with manipulative and controlling retards just by bumping this thread looking for some praise or advice.
Cool ? Smile

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