Music Your Parents Listen(ed) To ....

Anything specific?   

What music did your parents listen to?  Or still listen too?   Chin

My mother hasn't been an avid music fan per se.   Growing up she didn't have a record / cassette collection at all. I do recall her stating that she was a Doors fan in her youth, and.. she saw Tina Turner live on a whim back in the day.  She said she liked Guns'n'Roses "Sweet Child of Mine" when that was a thing.   She HATES most cliched, country music fluff tho.  She likes Pavarotti & admires opera singers. hmm...  She might hum along to random Christian jams. She's not a prude, but was raised going to church. She might like some ass kickin, soul / gospel music tho, for the party factor. heh.   For somebody who grew up in the 1960's into adulthood into the 70's, she finds vintage music a bit funny, or comical considering a lot of it she was forced to listen to, or stuck in front of the tv as a child when she would visit her grandparents, lol.  Old time country music, 1950's / 60's pop music and such is quite humorous for her.  It is hard to gauge what Momsie would put on a mix tape. These days, she watches The Voice tho, and maybe the odd American Idol... but once again, nothing too specific. 

As an aside, my mother got annoyed when I played the De La Soul "Say No Go" 12" over and over again, and UK Subs that I remember. Skinny Puppy freaked her out as my brother & I would watch the Skinny Puppy live VHS tape quite a bit. ha.  

I wasn't raised with my dad, but I do assume he was into the standard rock, classic rock, and even country music in his youth. My father was a bit younger than my mother. My only specific musical memory of my dad is me being.. 4 yrs old, sitting on the opposite passenger side in a truck alone with him, and he was FURIOUSLY lip syncing to The Archies "Sugar Sugar" while I stared at him.  I was honestly thinking '... wtf???"  LOL. No joke.   I thought he was retarded.  Lol True story.  I do recall at that young of age, I had already formulated that The Eagles were horribly depressing from spending time with my dad lol.  



my mother's favourite type of music...


^^ awesome! Smile

Listened to (and still do)

Steely Dan
Black Sabbath
Deep Purple
Level 42
Simply Red
Flamenco (various)
Etc etc.

My parents mainly play their children's music now tho.
Goldfrapp became their go to for zoning out.

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