Wmp Windows 10 crash problem

Dear all

I know it's a late call for some, as the Microsoft reinstall / debug Windows Media Player Faqs have been posted at large already. My problem is on a W10 Advent Monza200 PC, the media player built in crashes after little time now. It used to run for absolutely ages. Literally all day every day. 

So maybe a reinstall is in order? Microsoft Groove worked 100 per cent of the time before, but I set Wmp to default as it normally works without fail.

Anyone else having problems?
Gets a bit annoying having to shut down the PC.

Thanks for keeping me sane

dunno, I don't use wmp


If on the other hand you're basically Alan Partridge don't bother answering. As if you're a big crybaby and you took my Etherwood "I is artificial intelligence" comment so literally, you're basically not worth it.

Found a good solution. It was on the "uninstalling Wmp" text web link with Cortana in W10. I'll let you know how it is after I install this registry reimager. "Reimage Repair".

Sadly registry problems was the way my L500 broke down before it needed to be refurbished. I've had this Monza since at least 2010 so ...

"Hi I'm sorry Statto because I'm schizophrenic".


Really though I'm trying to work out the issue.
The Advent probably has a max of 3 years life left before it's rebuilt.
The reimager is returning objectively "okay" results, but it's part of the process for a unfuxxored system slave.

Sorry all, too - Reimage Repair, while being a decent tool, demands money like Winrar, so I won't use it.

What I needed was to find if I could still use Groove and iTunes - which I can, in the application menus.
Sorts it this time.
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(11th April 2018, 14:41)Muttley Wrote: What does Statto use?

VLC media player

Does seem the hardest applicative multifunction to amend, Windows use of Windows Media Player. It is this way because so many space-time (read: multidimensional) algorithm inputs. This likely means that Microsoft will switch its stalwart software to Groove in the near future. Why? Wmp is an interrogated system. It has no near-fix, and long terming, solution, and any amendments Windows seem to be making are ad libbed cover ups of algorithmic psychotropic internet meltdown. The fact that MS has thousands of 24/7 tech support supposedly working for it is a complete joke. Alan Partridge. Fallacy. I'm sorry but if you can't be bothered to provide a stable OS to-lan port opener for at least each person who invests in a computer, we may as well be utilising the stone age betterment of Windows XP.

I use Winamp. That's no feckin' use at all to you though Hahaha

I used to use Windows Media Player but it often crashed, and that was back on Windows 8

I use VCL Player as well. Mostly for it's posh 90s look. But then, it also plays every media file I know. Badger
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