MIX RA.620 dgoHn Drumfunk mix


Sweet, thanks!!!

Nice, will check that out!

Checked it during my walk last night and it's as good as you'd expect! Great to see John and the drums getting some love over at RA.

Want to hear this. Will givr it a dl wen i spen mor hrs on the web. Ta.

Casa castle for the spiritual highs and lows of drum funk, Subvert Central.

The dgohn ichione mix at http://www.kapsil.net/muttley is also online if you want to go hear it.

Thanks for posting this, Statto.
I have also re-discovered Kunst album, which for some reason remained overlooked by me last year. Quality release.

Great answer here:

"I suppose I agree with the term "drumfunk" to describe my music, but that's mostly because I honestly don't think that most of my tunes fit in with the whole drum & bass or jungle thing, and having a different genre name helps.... maybe? And given that I focus on the beats a lot, "drumfunk" is probably quite apt, but whether it is correct or not is another thing, and I'm not sure I care all that much. "


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