RADIO (Release pitch) Various artists- Endless Monologue (Foci Left label)

I want time alone to discharge. 
I want time on the internet to introvert.
I want to create a space for production. 
Hence this concept album. 

Take the first three sentences, and let's go for a nice boat ride Wink

The first working idea is a study of infinity theorem tied into the circumstances of the bipolar disorder type 2.

A split perspective on information technology parsed througy the "Endless Escape" title. A twilight saga.

Artificial intelligence
Science fiction
Fractal echoes
Entertaining stimulus
Disconnected from the server
Schizoid pulse
Dot matrix splinter
Loss of the holiday sensation
Rhythmic pattern module
Autism and autonomy

...a draft 2cd tl.

Essentially yin and yang is synergistic of the central concept. But I want to collate outtake artist ideas.
Weird stuff.
Unfinished and polarizing.

On a dnb and non dnb forum such as this, most of the impact is ball of wool unfurling, collateral and electric.

In an ideological perspective, everything has been done before. It's not miserable, it's just a matter of finding old pieces, disguised as new ideas.

Collation thought. Sadly a lot of dnb today leaves i cold. It's not that it isn't worth money, it's just really all been done. I'm looking at future music. It doesn't have to stand up in 10 years, it can sound dated.

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