Doc Scott discusses his battle with depression

great interview Xyxthumbs

Can relate, and am glad people can talk about this stuff now. Hopefully, it will help others going through similar things. Or at least know that they don't have to deal with it alone.

Definitely. Will check it out.
Depression is alienating, confusing and tiring every day it's lived. Lived is the wrong word! Lol.
More like tolerated.

Battle is the wrong word though. Depression is experienced, not battled. There is no miracle cure.

I say becomes incomprehensible gibberish, that is the only battle. And it's a very real one for depression. For instance tonight I went for a meal with other friends and family and couldn't talk for an hour. Eyes blindness. Totally blank. I used devices to help. Then and only then did I have a lot to say. Before that I could barely comprehend conversation.

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