RELEASE NiN - "Bad Witch" e.p. - June 2018


0:00 Shit Mirror
3:06 Ahead of Ourselves
6:37 Play the Goddamned Part
11:27 God Break Down the Door
15:42 I'm Not From This World
22:24 Over and Out

i'll share some thoughts later.

I am randomly listening as I post.

got the ep today. love the bowie vibe in god break down the door!

Currently listening.

I'm curious, but it all appears very Nazi Germany. Very Liam Gallagher pocket book of playground insults...let's pretend there is a satanic bad witch out there...or not.
And for the record, there is no God.
So, I'll think I'll listen to some of my own stuff.

There are good people. And there are bad ones, too. Look at the track titles. Red flag right there.

^^  best review ever!     Hatsoff   Clear to the point.   heh.

** actual text message convo betwixt myself and my brother this past weekend (i.e.... 2 aging ex-industrial, goth punk types from back in the day lol, um.. no but really, we were, I confess  GGRIM )

me - New NIN "Bad Witch" e.p is better than ohGr's new "Tricks" lp (..blech)  

bro - Youtube comments said NIN e.p. sounds like Bowie 1997, or "sounds like noise punk" 

me - Interesting that Reznor could easily be making the most commercial music at any given time, yet he still chooses to make weird music, ya know? He can put out ambient, or noise, or anything and most fans would be down. He doesn't have to prove he could make pop music, "rock", or win another grammy. Interesting position to be in. Just my thoughts.   

bro - ohGr's new album came across as poppy to me, which could work if it had better rhythms  

me - I mean, that's the thing too. Older electronic musicians don't have to prove much anymore, they kind of invented and developed the genre. The new ohGr stuff ( apposed to Skinny Puppy joints) sounds like it was made on a laptop, which it probably was. Sounds flat. Not feeling it at all.  Thumbd

bro - Would you listen to us?? Aren't we judgmental?? As if WE made 20 industrial albums ourselves. But I mean, how hard could it be??  yuk yuk!  Rofl

me - I mean Kanye West's 2013 "Yeezus" lp is supposedly industrial in places - his supposed ode to growing up in Chicago, Wax Trax! and all... or something 

bro - Kanye the wacko?? 

me - Yes 

- fin    

(... i ended up listening to Kanye that night)     


Oh, don't misunderstand me. I just think most band's music is partial hipster baloney. No substance.

^^ you mean 53 year old hipsters like Reznor?

To be honest, I don't listen to NIN much at all really. I owned a cassette copy of "Pretty Hate Machine" way back in the day - not that I don't like aspects of the tunes - I do like my share of NIN moments as they happened over the decades. I guess my main NIN interest peaked with specific tunes from "The Downward Spiral" (1994), after that I was full on into other stuff, djing, techno, jungle, etc for electronic purposes and such.  NIN is an extremely mainstream band, fully digested as we all know via radio, video.. you name it. I still LOVE the pop angles of "Pretty Hate Machine", which is the only complete, NIN release I might listen to on occasion.  Electronics & pop was sort of the point, given Reznor's influence from Depeche Mode in the earliest days right? In a way, NIN was heard so much commercially that I didn't feel a need to investigate further after the mid 90's era. As a casual fan, I appreciate bits on NIN now, more than in the past, and yes, I did very much like the Bowie, NIN collabs back when.

I do like the new "Bad Witch" release from last week's random listen.  Once again, Reznor can clearly do anything he wants creatively, yet still shows some industrial or noise influence after all this time. Some people may say ".. one trick pony", but given the time frame,  I don't mind some of the NIN formulas out there.  "Bad Witch" is the first NIN release I've listened to in an entirety since the 90's, no joke.  Suprising as well, yet..  refreshing in a random, unexpected way.  Who knew?

And YES, Nivek ohGr's new lp is crap.   Reznor more than makes up for the aging, free form, industrial whatever nuances on this new release.  I ain't mad about it. 

For recent diversions, as posted elsewhere, Plack Blague is perhaps, "Pretty Hate Machine" era in a cod piece.  Spit shine and get dirty. heh.      I wonder if Reznor is a fan?  



This NIN is actually pretty fucking good. Good for teens, should get em bopping, I still love this stuff, I just thought if Trent was using any lyrics I'd written in asylum it would be really bad. But musically, this stuff is heavy artillery. I like "Bad Witch" EP a lot. I had totally forgot what NIN I was familiar with, Torment summed it up, thanks historian, friend, whatnot.

^^ Hugs  I mean, For decades, now, drunk office ladies the world over gyrate in a conga line @ staff parties singing ".. I want to fawk you like an aniMAL, I want to fiddle with your insides".. or whatever.  That is mainstream subversion of some highest order, imo.  Reznor was like.. the 90's Elvis Presley or something.   Truthfully, you can't knock the guy for that after all these years right?  heh.  

I'm a bit of a fan of remixes as y'all might know. I was trying to recall any previous NIN remixes that were interesting.  "The Perfect Drug" remixes, 1997.  Plug, Meat Beat Manifesto, Jonah Sharp, The Orb,   Good. 


Spacetime Continuum.. Jonah Sharp, brilliance. I'm a huge fan, going waay back. :Smile 


Gave this a listen yesterday and its decent stuff. He is followung his trademark sound.
Music critic for the Tally Ho

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