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Read the description for more info about the concept.

Rethink was the catch-all homeless charity I was helped by in 2011 moving through transitional housing to my own flat. I have much to thank their competence for, as well as my carers constant support.

Thanks for the 14 replies, even though I cannot see them. Smile

Here is something oldnew - Anonymi Showcase Mix for 3 of his tunes.

They're all available still from ....this mix features Amon Tobin jungle, Fanu, Process (XGN), Misanthrop (Shadybrain), Teebee (Certificate 1Cool, and of course Anonymi, my friend.

Let me know how I'm doing by viewing the thread a certain number of times to impression a figure based on the 15 Minutes Of Fame concept title locus.

Latest FL update, it doesn't deserve it's own thread (I am not Elvis, I'm a person)

Supporter-exclusive message:

Jul 3, 2018
Hi everyone on Bandcamp,
There is a new FL Remix doing the rounds from today - a acoustic cover version of Marina & The Diamonds pop rendering of a set of lyrics I wrote in asylum in 2012: "Happy", the lead piece off her "Froot" record (many lyrics followed suit). To say I know Marina is an overstatement; I don't believe I really know anyone in the music industry - she could have written the same lyrics all by herself. However, my words are dotted all over "Froot" LP that it's obvious to me I have (very delightfully) been chosen as a lyricist to lift from. I've also been superimposed - male on female voice - a thing that doesn't always work.

Marina's version of the track is much better, but forever enjoy my acoustic free version of "Happy" around the hinterlands of the web.

I say "hinterlands" because I think I will stop adding as much music now that there are so many channels for it. Nothing is illegal in my book - Bandcamp is my preferred shop and streaming service for my own music, and also where you'll find the full works of finished stuff uploaded to. But for the time being, I need time to recuperate, and think about what I can really contribute of worth to this site besides extra bandwidth; there is no cash cow operation here as you are aware. Any trickling sales that come in, they get reserved monetarily for hard copy discs at the odd live show I do, and master discs for Truck Store.

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