Songs of the 90s

I did this for the 70s and 80s a couple of years ago and now feel like doing it for the 90s – ten days, ten years, ten tracks. So...



InfinityInfinityInfinity  Public Enemy was my acid house.  lsd soundtrack infinity.  No really, true story.  InfinityInfinityInfinity


1991 is more difficult than it might seem, since I was mostly listening to classical that year. Nevertheless:


1992, on the other hand, has a lot of possibilities. But I just love this track:


Guru Josh - Infinity
Gerald - Voodoo Ray
Bruce Hornsby - The Way It Is
FDB Project - Bomb Da Bass
Supergrass - Moving
Travis - Side
Dillinja - Acid Trak
Goldie - Inner City Life
Photek - UFO
Sophie B Hawkins - Right Beside You

So many others, but the 90s was bombselek wiv da green.

(4th July 2018, 13:39)Muttley Wrote: Bets going that Stattski includes Oasis - Wonderwall Lol

no, 1995 won't be Wonderwall 201tongue




Pavement "Slanted and Enchanted" lp.. and this


(2nd July 2018, 19:28)+ToRMeNT+ Wrote: 1990

InfinityInfinityInfinity  Public Enemy was my acid house.  lsd soundtrack infinity.  No really, true story.  InfinityInfinityInfinity

... that lsd soundtrack thing..  I heard "The Last Temptation of Reid" for the first time while tripping. Equally as visceral via an extremely, altered experience.  lol  1990 as well, if ever a demented alternate choice here.   Good call.   Willynilly



I have a wall full of dnb records from the 90s but most don't count as "songs" since they're instrumentals with no proper vocals. Apart from one or two, such as...


Everything But The Girl- The Tree Knows Everything (Adam F remix)


not Wonderwall Icon_razz

You are indeed right Statto, "Isobel" eclipses "Wonderwall" in every department.




1997: Another dnb tune with vocals...

Not the original Maintain (1995) or anything like it. Actually it's always perturbed me as to why Krust released a completely different track with the same name on a compilation of older V stuff. Well, it's a storming tune anyway.

1994... I moved cities, walked around in the rain with Digable Planets' "Blow Out Comb" on the headphones lots, Autechre was reality, west coast crust punks started doing deep house parties, Britpop was a thing, I spent even more time in record stores, Swedish, Gothenburg melodic death metal via In Flames, At The Gates, etc, was being played on local hardcore punk radio shows, contrasting pop punk now playlisted on commercial radio, dj Premier was it, I heard ragga jungle for the first time..   

diversion: can we talk fashion here?

You can blame skateboarders for birthing phat pants into the mainstream world in 1992 (I lived in a city where we made our own phat pants in the local skate scene...guilty ), and by 1994, street fashion was entirely confused as you'd see phat pants at raves (of course), metal and punk shows, hip hop gigs. 1994 was confusing in the pantleg width department. Some are still confused to this day. 

I saw a ufo in 1994 too... true story.   Alien   

[Image: 10923BD-2T.jpg]




much of 90's in general, classic era for dancehall no doubt, Lady Saw was doin it.   

I'm a fan of Black Kat Sound System from back in the day. bigs.   Xyxthumbs


If you want dance hall extras, dig down on Jah Shaka dub seismology? Add Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb, Barrington Levy - All Over Me, and Buju Banton in general. Ultra dark heatwave. Like The Heatwave Collective, 15 years later.
Riko Dan, being careful wheryawalk, mindin how youatalk, cos if the youngster could catchya aftadark.

The nineties in tsunamic outer London fringes popularised the freeform Burial headplate etch pre-Soundforge-gorge. Massive Attack as mentioned, Tricky - Blowback/Vulnerable, Portishead, Adrian Utley, Will Gregory ultrasound experiments. I loved being part of it all. The music was muscularised by the propulsion of rave, specifically jungle tekno and hardstyle. I heard ghetto blasters and public radio broadcasts of this music bedded with Pere Ubu, Sting, Supertramp tour season. Life goes on.

^^  Riko Dan is dope. I'm a fan if & when.

1996 is a lot of things.   I was keeping tabs on as many (sub) genres as I do now, yet only had the budget to apply the coin to djing, black crack addiction & used record / cd stores, recycling purchases for years to come. I wasn't a big club goer per se (I've never been a drinker at all really..), but djing interests lead to radio gigs, which I would spend a decade or so in the mix.  

If I recall, I stopped watching tv at home in 1996 give or take. I don't watch much tv, nor own a television to this day, unless things are viewed online.  RADIO, music, djing was life - local hip hop radio shows, reggae, dance / electronic radio shows, punk, hardcore, you name it.  

1996 is still a lot of things.

Big up Aaliyah.  LighterLighterLighter

That Van Helden, Monica blend...   Yes




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