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Before I write anything else, look at this amazing piece of art by Twisted Sifter. It seems like a decaying base for pictorial metamorphoses across filters, very much like multi patching.
So I selected the Deviantart.com artist to showcase on this release. Multi patching is like MIDI with different instruments, only rewritten live.

I'm not looking for your money ever, which is why I always allow unlimited streams of my Bandcamp products. Although subscribing would make me feel happy.
It guarantees I have enough money for breakfast.

Multi patching is not a "new" thing, but it is new in this critic's eye as a functional rewriting tool in a live performance setting.

It means that, as in the second track here, if it can be called that (it's very samplified), the tones are manipulated and coded so much live on my Korg Triton that instruments really blend into one another.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. First one who replies get the reassurance I'm not going to bladder myself into paraplegic hopelessness. Yeahno, care bear. Teef Roll Kisskiss

Since writing this post, I have had 61 sources in BC stats reported to have given reportage to at least one other person. Icon_eek
I feel great. I had my breakfast, a large fat buster with 2 fried eggs and toast, and 2 Strongbow Dark Fruits and a cordial. Also bought enough steak to box meself mentally fit and look okay for a little while.
Also got some rice from Tilda. All in all, a good morning.
I am pooped now though.

Which is high timing to relax and kick back with rewriting some CDR gifts from the Important Records label and subtle electronic improvements to this Aphex & Paradinas double disc dub playing now.

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