Doctor Jeep ft Sinistarr - Natural Selection [PLUSH]

[Image: PLUSH115_300.jpg]

Doctor Jeep, aka Andre Lira [NY], has put utility and technique into the sound
of the drum, blanketing it in atmospheric accompaniments; an essential element
that helps create a pathway between genres revealing headroom for
experimentation in the mix. This is evident in the 2 tracks that follow,
including 'Natural Selection' which is a headfirst dive into a traditional
dark-jungle track, followed by fast-paced 'Temple Run' track which keeps
things rolling. As a finale, the bonus 3rd track on this EP, 'Red Stripe'
feat. Sinistarr guides us to the fringes via footwork/juke flavor where you'll
find a splash of itchy funk, rhythm, and cleverly placed drum edits.

Music Composition.. Andre Lira @doctajeep
Music Composition.. Jeremy Howard (@sinistarr_313)
Mastering.............. Antonio Mundaca Jr. @MoonDoctoR
Art  and  Words........... Michael Ramirez, @shoeboxdnb
Label Ops.............. @labelgrid
Promotions............ @promoly, @dnbradio

LABEL: Plush Recordings
ARTIST: Doctor Jeep
TITLE: Natural Selection
GENRE: Drum & Bass / Footwork
RELEASE DATE: 2018-12-03

Doctor Jeep - Natural Selection (Original Mix)
Doctor Jeep - Temple Run (Original Mix)
Doctor Jeep, Sinistarr - Red Stripe (Original Mix)

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