Freeze Dry by Mike Robert Buckingham- Book Launch Offer to book stores

EZ all. 
After a while, three months concentrated editing my digitised life story with images, Freeze Dry is ready to purchase in orders from 5 copies with book discount, to me, with a book retail price of €21.90 EUR, to you.

For JFE, mentioned in The Guardian in 2017, publisher enclosure liasons, The more copies your bookstore buys, the bigger the discount...up to 70 percent off!

"The salve or wrecking ball to writer's block!" ~ Daniel Frankland, my Just Fiction Edition editor.

WARNING: this is a trans person novel. It takes the form of memoir. 52 pages published form.

This book has its origins as being printed on demand. I was actually approached by Daniel Frankland of Latvia management team to send in a manuscript, by email. This was on the basis of actual writing on under the Muttley pen name. I read all documents relating to the company's veracity. After that, and because I know how to structure a book, the book came together pretty swiftly.

The books look great aesthetically; I hope someone likes the story.

I am working away on ideas for a sequel, as this was a heavily edited piece of a bigger storyline, this 52 page edit. I was able to write it all so concisely because I knew exactly what I wanted to say, and I didn't want to waffle. I waffle in real life instead, because as with keyboard warriors of any nature, the typewriter is where this monkey finds some magic. Teef

I doubted it'd sell at all, but something is telling me otherwise already Hahaha

My second ever book, this time after at thirty years old onward will be titled "Suburbia Brigade".

- interpersonal relationships 
- mindfulness meditation 
- data security 

...are the three main subjects.


Will have a look at this, interesting.
I have just published my first novel too Grin

Looks good. On my wishlist. Thanks for positive comms.

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